Question about nicknames

Well, I have a question for Jona. There are a lot of inactive players, some of them played a few days, and then deleted the game. And they would never, ever return. BUT, they took nicknames, that are now busy and no one could use. I even wrote ticket to the support, and they cannot use name that is busy, although that player haven’t been active for nearly a year. Yep, I wanted my desired nickname so much, that I was monitoring him every few days at least, and he never appeared again in the leaderboards ._. And here is my question - Would there be a timer, after which nicknames of inactive players would be available to use again? Because every normal game now, has a feature like that. If player was inactive for a long time, when he launch the game again, he get asked to choose a new nickname that he wants, because someone took his old one, due to inactivity.