Question about offer packages

Hi everybody, i wanted a new worker, so i tried to stay under 500 gems and waited for an offer package, after few days the golden package is appeared but the offer was only “full treasure chamber”, nothing else, no worker and no shield.

I never seen that, it’s normal? can i do something to get the “full” offer with worker included?


Yesterday it didn’t offer me a worker pack either.

Today it did though, so it might be random, yesterday i was at ~290 gems, today ~340.

Your gem balance for the starter package (includes a worker) has to be below about 200 gems.
Be careful: uncollected gem quest rewards already count towards your gem balance.

Some weeks ago i wanted the starter package, too. I went to 0 gems (got item slots for all my
gems) and then the starter package offer appeared after around 4 days, as usual :grinning:

Hm ok, thanks for the information bro!

And the gem balance for the starter package is the same of the golden package?

I almost never get these offers, because after a few days at most i accumulate more than 200-500 gems
and spend them after some months on blacksmith melting slots or alliance tower upgrades.
So i can’t confirm the golden package offer, but the starter package i know for sure. There are two different
“golden something” packages. One includes a worker. To be really sure you got a low enough gem balance,
just go to about 0 gems. Use gems from vouchers or unopened gem dungeons or tapjoy to get the offer
“for free”, or simply buy the missing gems. A good possibility to get rid of gems is the upcoming event
(tomorrow): Just buy discounted item slots until you have nothing left, you’ll need slots anyway  :slight_smile:

Have a look at possible packages here.

Okey, we will see what will appear! I already checked the possible packages, thank you again! :grinning:  

look…the offer package appeared more and more time but always like this :confused:

Yes, that’s the one you don’t want … i got it, too, when i had 0 gems, but after some days
i got the starter package for 500 gems. I can’t confirm whether they reduced the chance
for the starter package. In a few months i can tell you again, when i buy a blacksmith slot
and reach 0 gems again :slight_smile:

yes…but the thing i don’t understand is that this is the golden package…and the golden package should be like: 


yes…but the thing i don’t understand is that this is the golden package…and the golden package should be like: 


These are two different packages, the golden package and the gold miner/digger package (don’t know the english name).
The golden package is not fixed in price, so i don’t know when it can show up. Therefore i go for starter packages, which
are always 500 gems and also include a worker.

Is it possible to buy a package more than once?

I have an inquiry… I already bought a starter package with 500 gems… So is there any possibility to get that package again. If had,then what should I have to do?


Afaik the starter package is the only package, that you can get more than once.
It costs 500 gems and you have to be around 0-200 gems to be able to get it
(exact limit is unknown, uncollected gem quest rewards count towards your gem
balance). Keep in mind, that FG can change this at any time without notice.

In the wikia page there is only the Golden package, i can’t find this gold miner\digger package, where do you find it?

I found it in game: “cercatore d’oro” means “gold digger” or “Goldgräber”, and it is a separate package (without worker),
not the golden package (without digger in the name, at least in german). I haven’t seen the name in english though,
maybe they chose the same name for both types of this package?

Nonetheless: it is not fixed in price, because depending on how many workers you have, the price differs. E.g. my next
worker would cost 6000 gems. At a 75% discount this would be 1500 gems. The gold digger package is cheaper (only
full chamber), so i’d expect to only get the gold digger package (without worker), when i’m low on gems.

As the starter package is cheaper, i’d always go for the starter package for a fixed 500 gems. For that you have to be
somewhere between 0 - 200 gems (exact values are unknown). Keep in mind, that Flare doesn’t communicate any
details about packages. Maybe you can only get the golden package including the worker, when you have less than
e.g. five workers? Only Flare knows :grinning:

wait…are you saing that you have more chance to get the cheapest package?

because if i have a lot of gold in my treasure chamber this golden or digger package would cost less than 500 gems,so it has more chance to appear…am i right?

Yes, at least in the beginning when i had gotten no packages until then, only the “reachable” packages occured.
Let’s say i had somewhere between 200 - 450 gems: then i saw the warrior package for 750 gems, but never the
worker package for about 2000 gems. When i had 1200 - 1500 gems, the worker package appeared.

Also when i had 0 gems a few weeks ago: first the gold digger package came up (don’t remember the exact gems),
then after around 4-5 days it was the starter package. I e.g. didn’t get the troop package, which is fixed at 1500.

As always: we don’t know the system behind, we can only observe and guess, how it works …

ok…so the only thing i can do is wait…but i’m under 200 gems for about a month and the only package i saw is this useless gold package :confused:

i will try to pray for the starter package in some strange language…

anyway thank you a lot for your replies man :grinning:  

I have spent a lot of time trying to get the warrior package (for the +5 hero level), but it has never shown up. Packages are just appearing randomly when your gem count is low, and even more often when you just used your gems. be patient, and one day it will eventually appear.