Question about reward system

Hello guys! I have been playing this game for soon two months time and I’ve been noticing it just becomes harder and harder to feel rewarded. Firstly, all upgrades take longer time and cost more meanwhile, the gold I now get from battles seem to have diminished by half or more since the last 10 levels.

Im lvl 75 with 1182 trophy’s. What I don’t understand is that after hitting lvl 70 and trophy staying the same, almost all of my matches in battle seem to only reward me 10-30k gold. I could spend like 50k just to draft someone with 200k now and that’s usually a celestial phoebe guy. 

Every guy rewards 28 medals, no matter if they are lvl 15 or 100 and have 700-1600 trophies? Some really rare times a guy pops up that rewards 800k gold, 1450 trophies and 250 medals for a win. How is this possible?

Im just really frustrated because I don’t understand the algorithm behind this game. It shouldn’t be as rewarding for me to attack low lvl guys and get the same rewards as someone a lot stronger than me? 

Like I said, since hitting lvl 70 my base building have stopped. I have to do around 20 victories to get 1-2 million gold and I can only upgrade my taverns and farms. I can forget to upgrade my castle gate for 8 million. As soon as I go offline with some million gold people steal 450k from a win.

I get the feeling that this game pushes you into pay-to-win and I almost never enjoy it anymore. It was super fun up to lvl 60 something. Am I doing something wrong or should I just admit defeat if I can’t pay any money for gems and stuff? 

Try players in the 2000 trophy range using search function, you may find players giving more gold say like 300,000, you wont win but even if you complete 30 to 50 % you will get almost half the rewards 150,000 plus gear + kaiser gold bonus % plus your alliance gold %, which can amount to 200,000 per battle. Let me know if it works.

No need to pay any dollar in this game. Like majority of all mobile game. You can play totally free

1.Trophy system have a anti camping mechanism. So if you are stuck like you said in the same range over 2 month. You have the answer why you don’t gain gold

2.At the moment you will up. the matchmaking will give you opponent with over 500k gold. Just you are too much OP for the range you are. At level 75 you should be around 1,600. So try to find someone or many player you can beat and add them in your favorite list and beat them 3 times each hour. Probably they will not like it but its the only way to win trophy because if you lose then you lose -30,-40 or -50 each time so you turn around at same spot. if you fight always player you can beat then you gain trophy and never lose them

3.Your donation is too much low. if you want to join a medium alliance or stronger one with a lots of boost to help you. You should have at least 150k or 250k. try to accumulate gems to upgrade your alliance tower during a Alliance Party event

4.Try to find over 250% XP perk its the key. More your level up and more you will be more stronger. More stats in your equipment. At moment you reach level 80 you will unlock the quest and gain a huge amount of gems

5.Accumulate vouchers to unlock workers,3rd unit/spell and to gain a lots of gems will help you during this game. Later voucher will allow you to use them to refill food for more battles. 3 or 4 Conquest should give you around 20k vouchers number 4 I have talk about XP perk for level up fast. you can level up (level 1 to 80 in 2 week) now here I talk about Gold Perk. Try to find Gold perk and build a Gold Perk set. So when your list of upgrades is empty. Use this set to farm gold. You can mix with Farm perk

7.Do all Diamond Vault will give you over 5k or more. So do a lots of dungeon

8.Complete Quests will give you gems to unlock all stuffs you need : Hero slots,blacksmith slot,alliance tower,etc… Also win league, gain a lots of chests during War,etc… help you to grow

9.If your defense is too weak and you lose all your gold. 2 options here :

1.Ask experimented teammates in your alliance or ask here. We have a lots of experimented players who can help you

2.Use gold shield. Free gold shield plus 20 gems give 6 hours of protection. Enough to gain over 5 millions and do your upgrades

10.don’t forget to get your daily chest,watch free chest each 4 hours and stack them. 2 days after open them all for over 10 millions. its close 4 chest per day. So 8 legendary chests

11.Accumulate the free pro ticket and wait to be at least level 100 and do Pro league. You will gain crystal and will be able to buy Pro items

( Why wait level 100 or 110? because below you always change Hero items so if you waste crystal on Pro items you will be forced to change them 2 weeks later.So to avoid to waste crystal wait to be level 100-110 to keep Pro items in long terms)

12.Always wait events to unlock stuffs : Alliance party for Alliance Tower, Granny Event for buy Hero items expend, Blacksmith event for unlock blacksmith melting slots,etc…

So in resume

  • Level up

  • Accumulate Gold,XP,Skulls Perk set,etc…

  • Unlock Blacksmith melting slots (More pearls = more forge)

  • Upgrade Alliance tower

  • Complete Dungeon

  • Complete Quests

  • Participate in all events to gain rewards

I don’t think i forget anything. follow this and you will be more stronger and you will have more fun

Thanks for the tip. But I can’t find the search function? I have only found leaderboard and the search option there. But it only shows top 10 and people in my range. How do I search for trophy count?

1.Click on the Trophy

2.Click on the lans icon in the right corner

  1. Select what you want to search

I suggest to find players currently not in an alliance with trophy range a bit higher than yours. You should haven’t problems to beat those bases and you would find a decent amount of gold. If you have many pearls, I suggest to forge spells, units, towers and obstacles (preferably during blacksmith event, community week and community month).

@Schill91 if you need some basic tips and tricks you can watch these videos I made

  1. Random tips and tricks for you and your kingdom!
  1. Battle Tips and Tricks
  1. How to kill Phoebe (using my combo). This will mainly be useful once you have unlocked all troops and are in a alliance with these boosts
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Hope this helps you!

And here is @Surviva’s “How to beat Phoebe” topic that will relate more to you! Have fun!! Btw, if you want to shoot me a friend request, my IGN is AwesomestKnightest