question about special offer and heroes pack in game

hi everyone

I have question about some packs in game

some pack  like  Prometheus pack have power slot to offer with some chest to buy for 700 gem , my question if I already bought the power slot pack , will the pack not show the power slot option or will it get replace by god like chest ?

second question about Helen booster pack , does anyone have pic of it or what the type of chest in pack , I bought too fast I didn’t look 

third question about special gem offer the one you buy gem pack and get extra gem , i bough one of the pack and got extra gem but after i exit the game and returned within a minute the offer disappear , was it one time offer each time the offer appear like you buy one gem pack only ? , or if it possible if i didn’t exit the game i could buy gem pack with the  offer multiple time , note the offer was new not expired still have 11 hour to disappear 


  1. It will certainly not have the power slot anymore. Usually you get 4 godlike and 1 titan chests in hero packs, given that you have all of the power slots

  2. I dont have the picture, but I can tell you for sure, in my case it has 4 godlike and 1 titan chests and nothing else.

  3. The way gem discounts work is you either have to remain logged and ideally buy multiple times in succession or the deal will simply disappear after the first purchase (following a reload). The deals will randomly appear again, even an x2 one (although those are rare), but you can never tell when. I generally buy multiple times in rapid succession when I see such offers, following me loosing x2 after being distracted, which is similar to the way you lost your offer.

When first start the game i bought 100 dollar gem pack give me 14000 gem

Now with offer buying 20 dollar gem pack 5 time to make it 100 dollar will give 18750 gem in total better then 14000    

+what you mean buy x2 like the double the offer appear in rare cases 

Alim if you willimg to buy gems, wait for huge discoubt (pink treasures i call them). I am not sure about currency in terms of dollars, but something like for 49 dollars you can buy 14k gems… 

i bought first 14000 for 100 dollar to activate the boost , another 14000 to keep the account running , buy pack , hero power , another 20 dollar to get extra 1250 gem by the discounnet 

for now i will buy gem only at double discount like the one you talk about 




Yes @AliM buy gems or workers whenever they are in discount because these offer presents better value for money and I belive I also suggested this to you when you first asked about progession packs here on the forum.?