Question About Spells

Question: If a Spell is active, like Bladestorm or Sonic Blast which surrounds the King, is the King still suffers from long range attacks?

If that kind of powerful spell is active and surrounding the King for quite some time, the King should take lesser damage right? The Spell should dodge and block some attacks specially from long range.

in theory i like your idea but in practice in the game they offer no such protection, only shield does this ingame as of now

If that happen, there will be nearly immortal cheat from Toxic Cloud + Firestorm + Bladestorm Combo.

Spells are in effect offensive elements of the game, to consider them as defensive would be asking a bit too much, with the right combination of spell a king could be pretty much invulnerable in attack.

Does the Shield spell protect the king or the troops?

Both, troops and King.


Both. Please also keep in mind that the Bladestorm spell has a cooldown of 12 seconds but lasts for 5 seconds. This would basically mean that you could make your hero invulnerable for about half the time while you are raiding. I like this idea in theory, but I don’t think it would be possible to implement it without it being horribly overpowered.

When I activate Sonic Blast and at next step the Bladestorm my Attack will only have the power from the Bladestorm. Is there some trick, that I can use both spells at same time without loosing the attack power from the first casted spell? Because at this time I only have to wait for the End of Sonic Blast to cast a Bladestorm and finish some Towers.

could it be made so that these spells boost a resistance in your hero to certain damage types while active? even at a 10% effect it would add a depth to certain spell combos that isnt quite there yet