Question about Tammy.

Hello everyone! I have a question. Phoebe heals the units and prince with blessing, and tammy heals like the heal spell. My tammy lvl 7 has 7600 heal power at the moment whereas phoebe has more than 13000 blessing. I know when a unit or king itself steps in blessing, if damaged more than blessing power it takes all the blessing at once. And tammy heals all the units and king in range simultaneously. The reall question is does tammy gives each unit and king 7600 or whatever its healing power is or it divides the heal to units and king?? If I couldn’t explain this way, lets put it another way. If i have 7 ogres with me and im the 8th. Would tammy heal every ogre and my king 7600 or it will give 950 heal to every one??

Please give me a good answer i am a newbeeee

And also which one is a better choice tammy or phoebe

With the new structures of the forum find old thread is a sport now. There is a lots of them about Tammy vs Phoebe but I don’t think you will find them anymore. To make a little resume Tammy heal will be better than the others Pal. Phoebe only heal 1 or 2 troops only. So if you have 40 knights only 1 or 2 will be heal. Tammy heal the King and the army totally full in one shot

So Tammy is better if you up her at level 8+.

Imo Tammy is better when you have a big army because he heals an equal 7600 for each of them, however, if you have to run to the gate and don’t have much health (as is usual when rushing) then Phoebe is definitely better. Overall I’d say that Tammy is better, cause 9 times out of 10 you won’t have to rush, but it’s up to you to decide which is better

Here is Flothaboss’ video on it, just to help you out

Some really good advice here, provided by Flotha! Very helpful