Question about update

I know that you will answer that you are working on update but please can you be more specific…? What you try to do and when you will release it…?? 

thats something we all like to know right now!

Yes we need some feed back after the weekend. What’s happening with the game? Everyday more player will stop playing, I’m pretty much getting to that point.

Read the update Here.

I’m happy with that.  :slight_smile:

Dear Developers.

When will be new update, and what chainges and news will be?

Thank you for answer!

Hello KillBush,

As soon as we will have more info regarding the next update, we will communicate it on our official channels.

Stay tuned!


So can we infer from this comment that you currently have no information regarding the next update? Because that’s almost literally what you’re saying.

So either, you’re currently not working on anything. Or you’re not going to tell us what features are coming up until you’ve released them. People are getting tired of staying tuned. Just tell us what direction the new update is going in. Is it adding new features about which you cannot give details yet as they are being hammered out, or are you working on balance yet again?

Conc. update: when (and how) will the decorations of the Olymp become meaningful, adding to your defense for instance etc. ? Or are they just for the good looks ??? Really would like to know if it’s worthwhile investing in this stuff …

My suggestion jewelmania, don’t invest into anything that is not currently in the game. The decorations were promised to have effects added to them soontm at launch. But it was never mentioned again.

the balance is fine i guess trophies go up and down now, still slow progress till everyone is at the position they need to be, still to many trophies are at the bottum of lower lvl but they go up slowly, and yes if you are more active you should have more trophies then someone who isnt. still very pissed we didnt receive some refund in gems for the mess they made and how many gems were spilled on a broken game, i dont ask for 10k gems but a little refund for the gems were spilled in attacks and bugged blessings that were worthless last month,1500 gems to everyone would be very appreciated! like a normal company will do to keep your customers happy, but happy it finally going the right way…and what new features coming soon in next update?

Crazycmm, a quick look at the flaregames website will give you some idea of what to expect from them. They are not a company focussed on making great games, they are a business focussed on attracting investors and giving them a quick return of investment.

I’m sure that many of the programmers and other people actually working on the games are trying to make a good game, but it’s clearly not the company’s focus. So if they are going to give you something, it’s almost certainly going to be in a way that requires you to invest more to actually get to the free stuff. Like the bundles and increasing value of alliance donations and high end gem packs.

played some games before where they treat people better, its the first game i played, with no compensation for maintance or serverdown or for bug mistakes, no events with rewards! last event was spending gems event what was the biggest mistake for a lot of players, before they got screwed and a lot leave the game tho… but if thats their goal they really doing a good job!! , still not positve about they treat there playing customers! ah well stick around till i found a better game that interest me!

Im seeing another update for Olympus in app store??? Exactly the same as the last one???

Finally:) Al lurking… So what gives buddy?


This new iOS version has been released to improve the readability of the main chat bar.:slight_smile:

So definitely worth the 100mb…

It might sound funny (@ see my IGN) but was the official announcement DustInEyes?


As a lot of players requested this feature since shortly after the launch, we wanted to share with you that we are currently working on this feature and it will be released in the next big update of the game.

We will communicate you more information closer to the time of the release :grinning:

i give my code to my friend after he was 5 lv, he enter my code , but we havent get extra pts from it . I dont know why .

In his screen , He have one pts .but it show 0 pts from my screen .

please help ?