Question: are reward tiers auto adjustable?


Here is my question: do reward tiers auto adjust as per overall players performance, so as to reflect the difficulty of each pro league?

I’ve seen the tiers shift around as more players join and play the league, but am unsure if it happens depending on the difficulty of a pro league (or average scores).

The reason I ask is: some leagues are 2100 pts doable, while the harder ones make players struggle to reach 1400-1500. It would make sense to have the auto-adjust feature going on, otherwise players will be buying into the harder leagues without any chance to reach max prizes.

If there is such thing as the auto adjust, then I also THINK I’ve noticed a strange behavior when you have cheaters removed from the league. It seems like the cheaters are removed, but the prizes are never recalculated - take for example this league, where 1st player is getting mid tier rewards as if the 21xx cheater score was still there (there was a guy with that score removed).

Any insights on this?



Flare manually adjusts them. Sadly, they sometimes do, and sometimes don’t. I was so happy to get a good score this time round, but without the adjustment, it’s like getting an average reward only this time.


Some top 30+ getting only 2 pro chests too.


No one knows IF flare will adjust the rewards every week. I’ve made a thread elsewhere in this section and Flare has acknowledged it though they also expressly said they will not go back to a purely ranked base system.


Thus, all we can do is just hope they DO adjust it, if and when you score well.


Just to register, they did adjust it in the end, and the ranks itself also auto-adjust as players score.

But your answer confirms my suspicions then, cheaters break the auto-adjustment and we are left only hoping they will fix the rewards in time.

Btw, congrats on the 10 chests or something close to that :grinning: