Question for Alysea

Hello is there any way to ask the team if there is a way to change the color for double boosted troops and towers in the pre raid screen and during raids?  It would be nice to know going into a raid what you are up against. Rather it be for example just storm cannons or storm and sniper. Also maybe adding another range circle to boosted gargs to show the range of gargoyles spawned. Thank you 

You can send it in suggestions :grinning:

Yes maybe someone Will read ?

I was posting here in hopes of it getting seen. Doubt suggestions even get looked at 

I do and forward them.

Ok thank you Alysea. Could you please forward this one from here or would you like me to make a new post in suggestions?

Would be cool if you can post it in suggestions so I can find them all in a row. :grinning:

Ok posted in suggestions. Thanks again 

+1 to this