Question-Having gems effects item quality?

Does having gems effect the quality of heroic discounted items offered by granny…? For example, will I be offered a stronger set of items at lvl 85 if I dont have the gems to afford them, and a weaker set of available items if I have enough gems to purchase them at the time of the offer? (still at same hero lvl)

no it does not depend on your gems , I got a lot of my 80+ gears with good stats increase when I have more than 10k gems.It all depend on luck and levels I guess

You sir are my favorite person in the world right not :wink:

It was so. I am sure (because i had written the data) that 2 or 3 months ago having high gems leaded to lower discount. But it is since more or less a months that i have more or less than same discount. For example: level 87 i had around 2000 gems and received 44% off offers; level 88 i had more than 40k gems and I received 44% off offers…now i am level 89, i have 10k gems but i do not still have any offer  :slightly_frowning_face:

I didn’t try with 100-200 gems…

I don’t think quality of items related to the gems you are having. I could get similar hp armor for my current level, but the second stats like fire protection could be 2300 to 2900 even if I have same amount of gems. From my experience, the 2nd stats like leadership, scream boost, protection are the one have biggest difference

yes , 2nd stats is all about luck imo


the base stats will always be around the same number , 8075 for my armor but it is very difficult to get fire shield of more than 2.5k , sometimes I was offered only 1.9k fire shield but for same base stats


The offer for items that don’t have 2nd stats (belt , ring and boots) however don’t relate to your level.You will get random stats or very low increase most of the time which leads to me waiting 20+ level and counting for my new leadership belt