Questions about Attack spells and units

I use SwordRain level 7, Bladestorm Level 7, Sonic Blast Level 4.


Archer level 8 , Canon level 5 , Mummy level 2


My King Level is 67 and I have around 2500-2600 trophies.


1]are these levels normal for players of these trophy range?


2]should I invest in upgrading swordrain ?


3]which is better heal or shield?


4]which units and spells should I concentrate to upgrade?

Hi Emperor Mayur Dawani,


  1. don’t know

  2. In this topic you can see the benefits from sword rain:

  3. In this topic you can see the differences between Shield and Heal:

  4. It is up to your play style, that is why I send you links to every topic you asked for. I like it to play with Blizzard/ Swordrain + Shield + Sonic blast - but maybe you love to Heal + Shield + Blizzard + strong Units like Canons or boosted units


IMO mummy sucks until atleast level 3