Questions about Ceres...

Do the units start full health?

Can they be healed?

Can they be shielded?




No, about half HP. Can be healed and shielded. 

Thanks Orko - was trying to compare to nidhog…


orko is right, they can be healed and shielded, just like Black Magic troops

If Ceres summons a Monk, he casts Heal instantly. So every 10secs you get a free healing right beside you.  :slight_smile:

What about the howl boost. Can it replace werewolfs or is it weak like the one from Howl pal?

Then better is Aska…

I tried that using Knight Monk Ogre (at 4-4.5k trophy players) was success but then might not work against harder bases I felt the combo was too slow. Switched Ogre for Wolf, and much better results, so I don’t think you should replace wolf as a troop. 

Spirit Howl Troops are not attacked by LTs ^^. However true, Aska is safer because you need to have an army for Ceres to work lol, Aska will summon irrespective of army, but meh, never ever get new pals fromm chests except collector events. <_<

Yep, this is right. This way you don’t have to bring that crappy Heal Spell with you to help keep your king alive  :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I would’ve liked your post @orko, but I’m outta likes for the day lol

Hehe. I always summon one Wolf, one Monk and a few Knights right at the beginning and hold them back until Ceres clones them - no need for Startmorale-perk or Heal-spell - as you mentioned - anymore. :slight_smile:

The Wolfes I take only because I use them as tanks and not for their howl-ability.

And, not to forget, besides his clone-ability and howl he also casts fear upon the enemy (100% success rate), which is a big advantage to Aska I think.

Great info and feedback guys! - more info then I expected, appreciated the unit combos and strat!

Best pal so far. With froster boost is very strong. Probably stronger with pyro but i dint have it.

Now again i can beat top10 bases :slight_smile:

Yes and also with the new Pro Boosts, this pal makes it easier to test the powers of the Unholy Paladin and the Archer

How about Fritz?


Don’t know about fritz, but imo, the Ceres pal is by far the strongest so far. Haven’t seen the fritz stats yet, but it takes a very strong pal to replace Ceres. Ceres is a combination of aska, nidhogg (ghost units that can’t get hit by lightning towers), howl and growl

And I lost it by getting Phoebe. I had like 29k crystals. Did not know what to do so purchased few chests.

Now I have to get 25k crystals and by that time they will remove the pal from the store.

If they get me to buy that, I will buy.


I didn’t know about the new Penguin pal. Wow! Finally flare answers long time requests! He looks awesome!

In my opinion, the next festival with Fritz pal will start after the end of the current war season on the next Thursday.