Questions/Feedback about intial forum use


Hi guys,
If you have read through the guides in the #forum-information-and-rules and are still a bit lost, no worries. We are here to help. I will close this topic after a while because I think it is better to open a new topic for each question (because these can then also be marked as solution :wink: - new forum feature) but for the initial start this might help out! So shot!
I have changed the title to include “feedback” as well because this seemed to happen quite naturally :wink:


Also… why isn’t there a ‘general discussion’ thread in RR2? There’s one in Olympus. Feels like we’re getting the short end of the stick here =S

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New forum bit to much colours

It would be nice to have more obvious colours between OR topic and RR2, at the moment there are just small cubes with different colours (red and orange) that are not easy to discern.

Also some subcategories are hard to find, for instance conquest, I must search with the loop to find it, or is there an easier way?
And yea does anyone know how to edit ancient topics you have created ? Because I can’t find any clues :sweat_smile:


Just open the feedback section #royal-revolt-2-feedback and all the threads are there. You can even filter by tags like wars&ninja and so on.
Please read my post here to find out how to navigate in the forum better.

LacunaC-> you should read it as well to get familiar with the filter system :wink:

Alumbri - How ancient is your topic?

Also, since this has nothing to do with the topic of colors which is the topic title I will open a new one now for questions regarding the use of the new forum and merge these posts into there.


It s only a month old but I edited it before the forum change but now I don’t see where the icon for editing is. I checked top and bottom but could’t find…


It’s the little pen.
Let me know if this resolves your issue.


There isn’t the pen


What happened to passwords?

Move OR to Bottom

Hey welcome to the new forum! :wave:

Could you clarify what you mean exactly, please?


The forum doesn’t accept login with password but only with mail.



You need Mail AND Password.


I am not aware of that. For the original retrieve of your old forum account you need to login with email but after that you can log in with name and password like usual. You need to set a new password though.


I was not able to push the “Set Password”-Button in Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Only with Internet Explorer the Button worked.


If “feedback” is now the new general discussion thread, so to speak, it would be nice that from the main page, it shows the latest posts.

Right now, it only shows the pinned threads all the time.

If I want to check if there’s any new threads in any sub category, I’ll have to click each and every sub category here, due to those pinned threads.

This feels rather counter intuitive.


I agree, show latest, not pinned:


@orko / @LacunaC You are technically right with that, that this would be annoying but the smart people of Discourse have a solution for this.
Go to the pinned topic -> scroll to the end see how the information changes from “this topic is pinned for you” to " this topic is unpinned for you and will display in regular order" and enjoy the magic.

Additionally, on top of the forum use the “latest” button. Filter the categories you want to see. Enjoy all the latest topics.


This board looks like work to me. Sure it is pretty powerful but I dont want to spend so much time to make it easy to use by applying filters and so on. I come from software development, thrust me, upon th next update, all the nice little personal tweaks are gone and you have to redo these.


I mean regarding the “pinned/unpinned” situation - usually we would want users to read this. Of course it is work now (and needs some time to adjust) because you already know all of the pinned topics but a new user wouldn’t and I would want him to see those topics.
Once read, he can then decide to unpin/pin them. To me personally, the unpin/pin function seems like a smart system not like work.

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Do I have to reset my password? forum didn’t ask any password it automatically logged in


Can we have a Home- and/or Up-Button here?

Currently there is no Way back.