Questions/Feedback about intial forum use

Have you tried something like…:

The app should have a search function no?

did not find any search function but typing worked like a charm…

Feeling a little bit dumb right now… :roll_eyes:

thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Please have a look here. :slight_smile:

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Where can I find leaderboards about the number of likes and post created?

Check the “users” board in the hamburger menu. You can also check the “top” menu in the hamburger menu for most popular topics during a time frame.

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:rr2queen: there now more animated emojis in the Forum :rr2fritz::rr2yetihappy::rr2trusty:


You can find the under emojis user emojis section or fast with :RR



Yes, I added a few more :wink: But those are all for now! :rr2goruc:


two short questions:
how does the “votes” work? (i just voted a post, and the system told me that now i have 3 votes left …)
and why sometimes i cant give a like (heart) in an initial post - is this adjustable by the writer?

Hi NaN,
I moved your post here to keep all the questions in the same place :).
Check out the section “voting” in this topic here: Fancy-schmancy new forum features! Now with 100% more features!

It should answer your questions :slight_smile:
You cannot give a heart for the intial post, if the category has voting enabled.

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hey madlen, thx for moving to the right topic.

so to raise in trus level we need to be logged on when reading ofc. most of the time i read logged out.

and here is maybe a typo (see Help! What is a trust level and why do I have to care? , Trust level 3, the % is missleading or am i wrong?):

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
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The description is from Discourse (the forum provider) directly. But 50% of 100 days or 50 days of 100 days in the end is the same :smiley: But thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

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ah yes i see :laughing:
just another feedback (maybe not new): i sometimes miss the possibility to say “thanks” - we can only “like”. sometimes i just want to say thanks for an answer even if i do not like it.

I get where you are coming from, but even though you maybe do not “like” the actual answer the heart still can symbolize “thank you” as well imo. To me personally, it also shows you kinda care about the answer, appreciate it, acknowledge it, etc…


has anyone any idea who the queen is?
:rr2queen: -> loooks big so: sticker_GIF_f_hero_01

The queen is probably Goddess Hylia… haha…

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Why do some topics become “unpinned” after I wrote/replied?

It’s automatic. You can change it in your setting or beneath a pinned topic directly.

I am closing this topic now so that not everyone always gets a notification if a new question comes up. I think most of the initial questions are answered :slight_smile:
If you have a new question just open a new topic :slight_smile:.