Questions/Feedback about intial forum use

I get where you are coming from, but even though you maybe do not “like” the actual answer the heart still can symbolize “thank you” as well imo. To me personally, it also shows you kinda care about the answer, appreciate it, acknowledge it, etc…


has anyone any idea who the queen is?
:rr2queen: -> loooks big so: sticker_GIF_f_hero_01

The queen is probably Goddess Hylia… haha…

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Why do some topics become “unpinned” after I wrote/replied?

It’s automatic. You can change it in your setting or beneath a pinned topic directly.

I am closing this topic now so that not everyone always gets a notification if a new question comes up. I think most of the initial questions are answered :slight_smile:
If you have a new question just open a new topic :slight_smile:.