Questions for developers

A few questions:
Some powers are not impacted by potency, such as Cadmus unique power and Bia. Why? Can’t potency increase the number of spawned troops for Cadmus and increase damage multiplier for Bia? Can you publish which powers are unaffected by potency?
Did the LOH and attack speed nerf impact just GK, or did the pairing of the two impact all heroes? My LOH on other heroes seems degraded even with attack speed on offense.
Unique perks on cursed items are becoming harder to find… is this normal? Is there an increase to probability of getting a unique perk when uncursing using gems or when uncursing using challenge?
Final question: can we get a cheat sheet published for gear stats by level? Like what is the top health for armor at ascension 100, 110, etc.


Potency affects direct damage, healing, or shielding only, so there are powers which do none of these things and are unaffected, or only do direct damage/healing/shielding as a secondary effect in which case only the damage/heal/shield is affected by potency.

Spells that receive no potency buff:
Ariadne’s Spindle
Helen’s Beauty
Dragon Tooth

Spells that only get a potency buff on a secondary effect:
Siren (damage only, not stun time)
Pheme (damage only, not stun time)
Medusa’s Gaze (Damage only, not petrify time)
Fist of Power (Damage only, not stun time)


My dear Ajax and Artemis are screaming in the void :joy:
Charge (damage only, not stun time)
Shield Slam (damage only, not stun time)
Thunder charge (damage only, not stun time)
Hail Storm (damage only, not slow down effect)

And of course there’s Okeanos, and maybe even Pandora Box (the secondary effect of continuous poison damage :wink:).


Just to clarify somethings here… I do understand that some powers are not affected, and thanks for the listings of all the others. I do not understand why potency does not increase ALL powers though, as the perk clearly states on the detail banner.

I also would like developer team feedback on the thread if possible. @CaptainMorgan

Some powers aren’t values which can be increased by a potency %
Some powers are too powerful to be buffed up even more. When a power/perk is “configured” , devs have to take into account CD, AS and potency, not to mention Bia if I look at it more broadly. So its not easy to just buff everything up (potency came into the game a while after launch).

I actually think potency works great, which is also a reason for me, to not use it on most heroes because it’s not fully effective. You can be effective with other perks, on heroes with say less powers affected by it. Im not saying you should not use Potency on Prometheus, but I wouldn’t.

Tooth/Spindle… whats a difference with 10% potency and 75% potency? Would you suggest an increase of units spawned? It would be OP in ways you cant control to counter. We are talking about the top2 AP Heroes already.
Helens unique power, already near max % to turn units her favor, what will it do? Increase the time you have them in your favor (also make the invocation useless).
Bia/Frenzy… I dont even want to think about making these stronger…

It’s actually not bad on him!

Its not so bad, I know, but its not as good as others. He is already strong, so i can focus on that and he already will do enough damage. I’d rather add other things to him. Potency is tough and he also has one less item. Especially if your other power is Bia, I mean, its one power boosted only… without Bia he is slow, with unique vest (speed), you lose yet an other item… its just too hard.

I could get into a lot of detail about potency (especially for Prom), but only a few would really benefit from the conversation. Most people dont use Prom anyway, and its too detailed for someone to think it out.


But like… that’s just your opinion man

Absolutely. I said “I think”, “imho” and so on. Always. You want potency to work for everything, thats a fair request and you have a right to do so, I would oppose it.

I’m sure they considered making Potency affect all spells when it was first in development and found that it would require too much re-balancing.

It’s still less effective than cooldown, though. Without increasing the number of spells it affects, they could boost the power to make it more viable.

I use Prometheus and it is my favorite. But I don’t take him to war, I can’t. Only works with Bia. And I finish anyone with Prometheus. The Odyssey with him I do serenely at level 10. He has only one problem (that’s why I don’t take him to war): The radius of the pyrophor is too small and doesn’t take the Nyx in the corner. It would take so little, dear Flaregames …

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I do hope developers will increase pyro’s range

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Post 15 characters.

Thats right, which means you have to use Talos/Damocles. So again, without Bia, making it harder - back to potency, less effective on him.

I do think the design is balanced. There are several Heroes that strugle on certain bases. If lets say the argument is, that Prom is the best GK killer, then its is even more correct that he doesn’t reach Nyx. Otherwise, everyone would build a strong Prom (or more usage if him)

Cadmus can have a disadvantage in some bases or GK (manual can make that fewer)
Ariadne can be vulnerable to strong GK
Jason can be stronger against GK but with less units (than Ariadne)

Even Hercules can have problems some times. And its also a matter of how you use them. Im building a really strong Perseus… I like him overall… with the exception of Artemis, I think most heroes are balanced well, I just don’t like Prom in this case and generally.

P.S. And I think Athena can be the strongest overall. Base and GK killer.