Questions on messages/titan chest duration

Question 1: When I activate a new blessing, the message shows it has been granted by alliance name instead of member name. Is this suppose to happen? Part of an update but not mentioned? If so, I prefer knowing which of my members are activating blessings.

Question 2: My titan chest earned from titan points is at about 58 days remaining. I know there was an update to extend the timer, but I didnt expect it to be that long. Was this the intended duration? I’m totally fine with it, but I wanted to make sure it’s not a bug and my timer is actually like 5 days.


About 1, Morgan posted little ago that they know about it and they are already on it … so it’s a soon to be fixed bug


On Q2, this is a feature indeed, I though they would go as far as removing timers completely, but I reckon this kind of timer carries out a similar function