Quests sugestion

para facilitar a conclussão das diferntes quest achei que podiam mostrar o respectivo progesso. por exemplo na quest onde precisas mandar 5000 cavaleiros para batalha podia aparecer um (xxxx/5000)
.Outra ideia era adicinar filtros tipo bronze e aparecia as quest a bronze prata e aparecia as que estavam a prata e o mesmo para as a ouro e já concluidas

Translated from Portuguese to English:

To facilitate the completion of the different quests I thought they could show the respective progress. For example in the quest where you need to summon 5000 knights on battle, it could appear one counter (xxxx / 5000).
Another idea was to add bronze type filters and the quest appeared the silver bronze and appeared the ones that were the silver and the same for the gold and already concluded.

PS: Next time write in English pls, as it’s the official forum language :slightly_smiling_face:

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That thing, I need for the Pearl Diver that gives 3.5k gems…