Flare must add new quests game updating but they are not adding quests according to the update. So we are requesting for some more quests

Well, almost all of the quest rewards are ridiculous, so they would need to change those as well to fit the current game.

Check out this thread ?

Yeah not quests

Give Daily Quests

  1. Complete 5 battle with paladin

  2. use 50 times spell firestorm.

  3. use bucky pals for 10 fights.

  4. kill 50 ogre 

  5. kills 20 necro


Rewards 4-5 chests with 50 gems, 100 pearls , 200 pals food


Etc etc etc


Everyday quest … It looks like this?

①Collect 2,000 breads ”nice bakery”

②Do battle  1000 times ”Berserker”

③Use 30000000 GOLD “Millionaire"

Who gonna do 1000 battle in a day 

Some guy with a time machine probably ?


Daily quest doesn’t mean u have to complete it in a day…it means new quest will be added daily if there is less than 3 quest as at most 3 can be there

Then everyday we have to update the game ???

Lol no update is needed…u must check other games having daily qursts…then u will get a firm Idea on it

In That daily quest , we have to complete it in a same day

Another day , new quest appears check this and u will get the idea of what I am saying

Okk okk

There is no news of this quests in new update 

Nor think it will happens in future 

So why we argue

Close this topic. ??