Quick Contest: Will the package offer be still there after 3 hrs??

I just received a package(worth 500 gems) just now…



I have an unlocked 500 gems dungeon mission.


Here is the quiz question.

As of now 5hr 30mins left for package to expire.

In 2 Hrs a worker will be free. It will Take an hour to unlock 500 gems dungeon mission then may be 5 to 10 mins to get that 500 gems.

so a total of 3hr 10 mins to get 500 gems.

Will that offer stand even after I get that 500 gems??


Stay tuned for the answer…




  1. Why so much fuzz about this? 

    A. Last time when I bought gems with real money (First mistake and was my last mistake, Never again! I say to my self everyday) the offer vanished as soon as I bought gems.

2. Why package is important?

    A. cause I am getting a worker worth 2000 for 500

Yes, it should be available still in that 5h30min. Basically, I know of only one case where the offer unexpectedly terminated. That was around the first days of Christmas and I reckon it was a technical error, not bait-and-switch or anything malicious. 


Using dungeon missions to quickly “earn just enough” is to my mind a valid tactic, I’ve used it myself and it works.

Thanks for that soothing message… :slight_smile:


Come to think of it, my incident was near Christmas time though I cannot recall exact date…

Yes you should still get the offer if you raid the dungeon of the 500 gems because the gems are a rewards from the game and not bought as your last time.

Yes, this tactic has worked for me, also getting gems with vouchers or using tapjoy (installed some apps).

Basically every dungeon, voucher to gem conversion, (group of) uninstalled tapjoy apps is one “shot” at a

package offer (at least the big ones, dungeons 250/500/1000 and “gem vouchers” 350/750). So you can

get about a handful of packages. I got until now: warrior, worker and starter package (in that order). I will

get the spell package soon (need to dump gems on granny first) and can tell you from this experience, that

uncollected quest rewards count to your gem balance: the 1000 gem uncollected quest reward for king

level 80 prevents me from getting the spell package (in combination with >500 gem account balance).

Yup, Bought the package  :wink: