Quick one on league records

Hi, I’ve noticed that the current diamond league record is 1555555 trophies. That wasn’t scored in one go was it? 

no, he did many fights to get many medals in the 3 days.

So the guy scored one and a half million medals in 3 days? 

correct, suggest you probably do not try to beat it 

Oh no, I got to get 1000x more medals than I’ve ever seen before lol

One strategy is to play the dungeons to win diamond. You get tons of medals that way. :slight_smile:

Yes, but if you’re playing to win the gems, I’d suggest saving tons of vouchers, that way you get the full 375 price

Some people have no life, apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s even better. Unless you just want the star like me.  :slight_smile:  @AwesomestKnightest

How difficult is it to get eye catching perfect scores like this. I have seen such scores many times…Do they start calculating much before to reach at such score or is it like… ‘Hey dude record broken!! Ah! Cool. Now relax. Scored won’t increase above this.’

One more question… How the no. of gems and score are synced in a similar numerical look??


It`s maybe how much gems the player scrolled to the that amount of medals. gg

Scores like that always made me wonder just how legit that score is. I know it’s technically possible to get round numbers (exactly 100k or such) on accident, but kinda…rare.


… showoff