Quitting RR2

Greetings all…

Well, this is it… Let it be heard widely. Im quitting this game and uninstalling it(ign - - stranger–) . Its so clear now that flaregame is turning it to pay to win, unless they take it back to how it was, at least before version 4, then I’m not coming back. 

Thanks to all of you guys who expressed the same feelings here in this forum. Will keep checking to see if they really listen to us and they really care or not. 

Have fun all and enjoy


count me in!!!im done with game if they throw yrs of my investment on spells nd pals into garbage.nd i have been playing game ever since it was released back in 2013-14,

And I’ve been playing it since mid 2015…and just like you, invested a lot on spells, units, pals… etc. And all of the the sudden most of them are almost useless as they’ve been downgraded, and found myself in need to invest more and more… and more. As I questioned earlier, do they really care?


We’ll see

This ore Next week flare bring other Balance Chances for the Offens. Little Bit pacience 

If you’ve been here for 3 years then you should be used things being turned upside down and then learning everything all over again.

How do you know?

To late!

The nerf of Ranging Wolf in offence, the nerf of Ceres Pal (expensive was it), showed another time the ruthless and brazenness of this company!

My advice: Do not spent money in this game! You will be frustrated!

They do not listen to their customers, they listen to some loud speaking persons. They do not listen to normal players, which want to play this game for one or two hours in the evening, they only listen to hard core gamers and big spenders. 

Although I have spent tons of money and still having the stupid subscription… I will never invest anymore money in this crap game…

Je ne comprends pas vos réactions … Pour une fois que FG s’occupe du jeu, donne de nouveaux enjeux et défis. Et bien c’est mieux, et merci à FG d’avoir reagi!


my 19 friends left the game. I am now alone playing. But, really, I still love it and want to be a good player. You can still find some fun in this game.

well, it’s not really 4.0 that’s infuriating these players, it’s the server update yesterday that made attacking impossible. I am indeed happy with 4.0 as it still seems like a cool update, but the defenses need to be fixed before the Conquest starts, otherwise it will be no fun. No one will win any attacks

if noone wins it equal chance for all


or wait, some invest gems nd will win *yeahhh*

i think it is fine,  payers should be better than non-payers

flaregames is a company, not a wellfare organisation!

Exactly! Pay to win or quit… is that it? Sad end to a great game

not hard to see who spend huge money and kiss Flare a**. its the one who defend this. No no i will not say any name. You can see it in their post. 

Haha. Warriornator this update is not for you. You don’t join any alliance. Why are you discouraging Flare. Let them think again and let them improve the game.

So sad to read something in favour of flare . Rr2 is a game not our lives . Spending money is worthless in it . Oh, it was  good to invest before update. But now it’s been a hell . We must not invest in this now , just like we prefer paying a poor person  to a greedy one,  we must and we also like to pay there where we feel good after paying not frustrated. Moreover, now it is good that many are leaving the game and are livind their real lives . As a game rr2 must be played 2 or 3 hours not like your work that u will do always . 






Thanks … ?

You don’t STAY in an alliance…BURN!  

Customers who complain or give opinions to companies are very important.

Feelings for loving games, let’s hear as many as you can :angry: :grinning:

Is the alliance headquarters · fortress lonesome? No chickens, no flowers, no blooming,Nobody is here.

There is no fun place to see… It’s a new place, so it’s a good idea to make a fun mechanism here a little more.

Among them, let’s not make Lv 1 and 0 menber 's residential areas poor. Pls The reason is supposed to come up

It’s a story of the King and the Queen, so it’s fun, interesting and luxurious ")




To those who enlightened us with the fact that flaregames is a profit making company and not a charity organization, thanks for your opinion, its a great add.

FYI, we spent money for our fun. The case now is that I feel we need to spend money for their fun. 

Shut. I am in a good alliance as a permanent player.