Quiz - Day 2

Hello everyone,

This time it is only one question, really easy!

In which country a different version of Royal Revolt 2 has been released?

You will not be able to see the answers of other players.

Don’t forget the rules!

  • Answer the question with the right answer!
  • Post your in-game name
  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is 23h 59mins after the question has been posted


  • Among the persons who provided the right answer, 5 of them will receive 200 gems.

South Korea


IGN: Dena4

I think the answer must be Germany. Otherwise it would not be marked as easy. If I remember well it was the first phone version. Players needed to change their region to German settings to make it work.


Answer - South Korea        …                     In game name- Sumit.aggarwal2222

South Korea. 

Ign - ydylzizgx

South korea

ID : Abu.Jana

Answer :- south Korea 

my IGN zatak 

I did not know that!

IGN: Maverickyap
Answer: South Korea
Royal Revolt 2 was released a different version for South Korea in Kakao platform.

Hi alysea,

My in game name is: MZFCorp1

And the answer is: South Korea


korea is the answer:) 

ign: ankushmeena7777


Answer: A different version of Royal Revolt 2 has been released in “South Korea”.



Id : dwjapan92

Answer: South Korea

Name: Odul75

Naturally: Thank you!

Korea IGN: Jade_Sedai


Russia. I am guessing 

South korea


Game name : chaffingbuttocks

South Korea

IGN: ((Miki))