Quiz - Day 5

Hello everyone,

The week just started and time for another question.

With all Waves unlocked and at max level how many Frosters can you place in your defense at most?

You will not be able to see the answers of other players.

Don’t forget the rules!

  • Answer the question with the right answer!
  • Post your in-game name
  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is 23h 59mins after the question has been posted


Among the persons who provided the right answer, 5 of them will receive 200 gems.


ign: emgiee1


Answer is 72 frosters.

72 frosters.

Ign: orochimaru k

  1. 72 frosters

Max 9 waves, 8 slots max since a maxed wave allows them.


With all Waves unlocked and at max level at most 72 Frosters can be placed in  defense because each wave has 8 slots only.

ign : shivam6

72 Frosters, 8 each wave (waves are 9 in total). So 9*8=72 

ign: oPelle

You can place a maximum of 14 Frosters in each Wave (Uses 42 of maximum 44) morale.

There is also a maximum of 9 Waves so 14 Frosters in each Wave X 9 Waves = a maximum of 126 Frosters in your defense.


8 fosters per wave. Total 72.

ign : YouWrongFG!

72 frosters :slight_smile:


IGN: Vivek Saini

72 IGN : jumpersev



IGN: leroidu69


IGN Force9Storm 

hi, my ign is: Il sire

the max waves is level 20 with 44 points of morales… But the max number of frost in 1 waves is 24, because they full first them, 3 (frost morals) x 8 (all slot for waves).

24 (number max of frost in one waves) x 9 (max number of waves)

the results is : 216 frost in my defensive waves


Froster : number 132

Nick: 13thMalkav


9 waves * 8 slots = 72 frosters

IGN: Enma Dai Oh


IGN: Amun Re

total 72 froster (8 froster per wave and total 9 waves) ign.LOVEAR

With all waves unlocked and at max level how many frosters can You place in your defence at most?.. 132 

In-game name= ambra8

72 Frosters can be placed in defense

IGN: Syzey