Quiz - Day 7

Hello everyone,

How many islands do you need to complete to get at least 1 Ninja?

Don’t forget the rules!

  • Answer the question with the right answer!
  • Post your in-game name
  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is 23h 59mins after the question has been posted


  • Among the persons who provided the right answer, 5 of them will receive 200 gems.



We need to complete at least 12 islands to get one ninja.


I’m Lecima

Bernd.B: 15

It really depends how many islands other people in ninja league play. If nobody plays at all you will get 1st, no? So i will say… 

0 Islands 

IGN Force9Storm 

12th Island.

IGN- KK Star


We need to arrive on level 10 to get a ninja. So 8 islands.

Finish 12 islands = first ninja !

IGN : Florian Premier

Good morning Alysea,

You need 1 Complete Island to get 1 Ninja at least.


Thanks for the Quiz and have a nice day.


IGN: CaféLatte

hi, my IGN is: il Sire

the islands are 12.


5 islands


IGN: MalaEstong

5 islands


IGN: Barbaroso

12 islands ign odin989

1 island. 


Id : dwjapan92

We need to fight atleast 1 battle to get 1 Ninja


And the answer is 12 islands…


Even alysea told this answer in a post


IGN: Shindoo Vodoo

ign : Fredo

Answer : 12 islands cfr you post : 

Additionally, you are sure to win at least 1 ninja if you complete the first 12 islands, independently on your ranking in the leaderboard.


ign: SARATH 007

we can win 1 ninja with 2 islands also it depends on players trophies and all players participation

ign : shivam6




12 islands


IGN: leroidu69