Quote on the alliance chat

Please put something like a quote in the alliance chat. There are people, like me, who do not usually interact all the time when they are online in the game because they are busy attacking and do not have time to be reading all the conversations.

The alliance chat is always full, people do not stop talking, I do not like to interact without need, and since we are in this war conquest where communication is important, it is difficult to communicate like this, since I do not see when the Leader quotes me to talk about something important.

If you can not put a quote, put something like a private message between members without having to add them as a friend.

You need to improve this chat, it is too poor.


The problem with having to communicate with someone on your friends list is, during conquest, you need to exit that world to even see that someone pm’ed you. Even having a little green light pop up in the corner of the screen to show we got a pm (and a direct link to it from the conquest world screen) would be a massive help.  A “quick fix” and not a permanent solution of course, but a major help nonetheless.


Well above all else the chat buffer is way too small. It’s, what, 20 posts? Any not-totally-dead alliance will fill it within a minute or two making refering older discussions impossible because you don’t know it was even there. Messages themselves are somewhat short too. You cannot copy/paste messages. Font is too large (okay this one’s a nitpick). There are so many things that could be done to improve this, probably too many.