Raffle for gems on the forums to introduce yourself? Good Idea???

I purposed this to Jona a few days ago and wanted to see what your guys thoughts on this since I hadn’t heard back yet! :mellow:


How would you feel about a forums gem raffle for just introducing yourself??? Do you think that is a good idea?  :slight_smile:

Absolutely. Any idea that potentially gets gems sounds good to me. It will also be nice to hit a different target audience besides only the facebook group. If you wanted to add an additional requirement, maybe add that only members who have at least 10 posts here qualify? Otherwise everyone who hears about it will just make dummy accounts just for the raffle, and then leave without ever contributing anything to the forums. Just a thought

@condordagreat @archer. Good idea, there should be an alternate means to obtain gems being that the gems play such a valuable role within the advancement of an individual player.

Blade, the purpose, the reason of this? As you can read in the last comments, the only apparent reason would seem to be to get gems…and I don’t think you purposed this only to give some gems… :slight_smile:

oh, please! Don’t link any reward to numbers of posts, we will just get spammers all over again! No, no, a thousand times NO!