Raid and gold

Hello, i have a question about the gold you can get by raids and how to raise the amount, here it is:

When i was around lvl 60 and before, was VERY easy to earn gold, every raid gave me around 400k or 600k, with alliance bonus and gear i used to get even 1M per raid. I was thinking “wow, it’s very easy to earn gold in this game, even 15M upgrade will not be a problem”.
Than i hit lvl 70 and the money per raid fall, i felt lucky when able to find player with 200k prize, most of the gold came from the items i used to sell.

Now lvl 80 and it fall again, player with 150k are the best i can find and even items are sold for less, sometimes for blue items it give me 30k… COME ON!

Is this normal, will it be even wroster? Because i’m thinking about uninstalling the game, i almost feel “forced” to buy gems (thing i will not do, don’t worry)

All you need to know about the gold loot algorithm can be found here (there is hope for you and you don’t need to uninstall :slight_smile: )
Also read the linked thread. I don’t advise to open your base any more, but actively lower trophies instead: put on farmer gear,
use matchmaker to get opponent and retreat immediately. Repeat until satisfied …


That is normal and will happen as long as you’re not a top player (maybe top1000? not sure).

I’m lvl 108, I have 3500 trophies and that is still true for me. I can’t find anyone with +200k via the matchmaking system.


If you want to get good gold raids, you must find opponents manually. What I usually do is find a bigger/stronger alliance, with more/stronger boosts, and start checking their players for gold. In most cases I had to start on their weaker players from the bottom of the list (the others were too hard) and in time I always manage to get strong enough to take down the top guys of that alliance. When that happens it’s time to look for other alliances.