Raid BUG


Noticed that there is a prize bug when you win the battle.

At the beggining of the battle it shows how many trophies you can get,but 50% of winnings i get LESS trophies or even 0. For example- Before battle it shows 9 trophies, after the battle i get 0 trophies and 2 keys( killed all the towers,all the troops,and have more than 30 sec left). 

If it that isn’t bug,please explain how the system calculates how many trophies or keys we get when we win?


Thanks in advance !

Seriouselly no reply? No explanation? Simple bla bla bla also would be nice^^

Hello Mystique,

Did your base of Olympus get damaged during the fight or not?

what your saying makes no sense , if you only got to 2 keys then either you lost or did not  kill everything… .at which point you would get - trophies… not 0


Yeah had the same problem. Guess it’s a bug. @Crabz the problem is, that he couldn’t finish because the attack stopped with 30 secs remaining. He didn’t die or anything like this. The game just stopped. In my case my troops were a bit ahead of me. Maybe u always need to be in range to your troops.

My base didn’t got damaged. But that bug isn’t so rare.  Don’t care about keys,but trophie count at the end. 

This happened to a member of my alliance today too BIG SMOKE

Hey all,

Let me know who you were attacking when this happened. I will take a look at the defense and see if I can solve the riddle. It may be a bug, but it’s quite unlikely. Knowing who you’re attacking is the best way for us to know for sure.

This happen to me all the time. For example I was shown to have 10 trophies if I defeat this opponent and I only have 2 or less than promised after I defeated my opponent. (my base did not get damage and I’ve cleared every opponent towers) 

Hey Arira, 

Could you please let us know the name of your opponent and when did it happen? 

We will then be able to take a deeper look. 

Thanks in advance. 

Dear developers, I had the same bug. Scored RAID status, got neither trophies nor the dominance. Fought this guy approximately 7 hours ago

I’ve just scored Raid over this one, and received generous 0 trophies. Shouldn’t the game count a 70% victory as 0.7x6  and award 4 trophies at the end? And if not, how does it calculate the amount of trophies for win or loss?


The trophy calculation does not work the way as you think. It is based on player level and trophies. If you can win a  low amount of trophies, you will very likely never win any trophies when only reaching 70%. This is different when you win against an opponent where you can win 10 or more trophies. But as said it really depends on Player Level and Trophy range of you and your opponent.

yes it really doesnt work the way you think explain how this is possible the negative trophies and still trophies can be won!



How does this exists really?

I think I might have come across this raid bug just now. It happened when I let my minions take the gate by themselves and I was back across the bridge healing. There was a good 40 seconds left and was an easy win but scored raid. Maybe due to my heros position on the map when the game ended?

Opponent: LukazPKY

Ok so it happened again and my hero was close to the gate. 

to repeat just win but don’t touch the gate yourself, let your minions do it. 

Update: well now I’m confused I tried to repeat it the same way and it gave me 3 key victory. 

Both times it did it they were high value trophy players.