Raid Issues

  1.  As with most games, risk and reward usually balance out.  For example, attacking an easy target does not yield as high a reward as does attacking a more challenging foe.  HOWEVER, over the last few days I’ve noticed that after failing (achieving a Raid but not breaking through the gate) on a much higher level enemy, I still LOSE UPWARDS OF 40 TROPHIES.  Example: Myself (lv. 36) attacks a level 42 player/island.  I achieve a “Raid”, but lose 46 trophies.  Although the risk of attacking a higher player is substantial, it appears that I lose a similar 30+ trophies that I would expect to lose if I attacked a lower level and easier target. 

  2.  I noticed that on about 15-20% of my attacks, trebuchets get stuck at certain junctures like 90 degree angles and sometimes even straight paths.  THIS IS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING, and when every unit counts, it is much harder to successfully attack anyone. The only times this happens are when these trebuchets can target a tower that is beyond the current path.

TL;DR  Losing a lot of trophies for attacks on much higher level players, trebuchets get stuck/don’t function on some attacks.