Raid rewards

Let’s talk about rewards for battling and how pathetic they are. I just raided a player outside of war for the first time in months and… It’s still really bad. This is most of the reason for my 4 month vacation and why I’ll probably quit again if v4.0 doesn’t absolutely blow me away. I shouldn’t have to fight hundreds of battles just to upgrade a single tower. I shouldn’t have to face players 800+ trophies above me (with a near zero chance of getting around the first bend never mind winning) just for a remotely decent amount of gold. It’s just idiocy that they think we all have several hours available to dedicate to this game per day getting only 30, 40, 50 thousand per battle. And remove the stupid charge for getting a new suggestion from the matchmaker, because it sucks anyway and it’s not worth paying for. 

I’m all for civility and patience and all that, but I will call out flare where I think it’s appropriate and this is one of those times. They’ve never made a change, never communicated why the amount of gold you get from battles is such a pittance. 

And yes, I know about trophy dropping, crawling through alliance pages, etc, etc… But that doesn’t solve the problem and it’s tedious and unnecessary when we could simply have a better system.

@GalaMorgane If you could communicate this to the devs or explain why the system is the way it is, it would be awesome. Thank you for doing so in advance.

It’s a known phenomena. When you raise your trophies pretty fast, you come into the situation that players in old range (plus even in the new trophy range!) suddenly give no gold. Only players 800+ trophies give gold, but those raids are suicidal for most players that aren’t in a 70+ alliance. In my case even top 100 players gave 150k- gold. 

What I did, was deliberately dump trophies (1000-1500) , wait for 5 days and make sure you stay around that trophy range. Players that raid you usually can’t beat your base (unless they also dumped trophies) or get almost nothing, while you can beat bases in your old trophy range for plenty of gold. Every day the gold rewards increase a little bit. After getting gold this way, I dump trophies back to low range. It works, so use this strategy.

Only problem, is that you must increase your trophies back to old trophy level for ninja event. So I use matchmaker to climb a couple of days before ninja event starts. Directly after start, I dump trophies (farm gear comes a handy there).

@Dena4 See, I know that. I’ve never personally had that work but I’ll take your word for it. But doing that is really annoying, yes? Wouldn’t it be better to just get a fair amount of gold from battles in the first place? I have better things to do than spending time to dance around a problem that really shouldn’t be a problem and shouldn’t be that difficult to fix. 

It is what it is, you must think. Gold from players is somewhat protected. During a certain amount of time, you can only lose a certain amount of gold. And that depends on gold left unprotected and other factors, like raiders strength versus defenders strength, according to match maker. And also according to how strong you are from this same matchmaker.

For example for a raider who suffers this problem (matchmaker thinks you are way too strong for the defender), might just see 100k-150k, while a treasure chamber is full. And when the player who gets veryh low amounts of gold gets raided, losses of 600k+ gold are normal. 

It certainly is annoying that we need to drop trophies, but say for yourself. Within a couple of weeks a new release will come out. What do you want at that moment? Do you want to see in alliance chat that most members did upgrade a lot of towers to max within less than an hour, while you need gold shields to accomplish one lousy upgrade during one day of raiding 50+ times OR… Do you want to be able to get your workers pretty fast to work?

Without dumping trophies, I really needed to activate 1 or 3 day gold shield just to upgrade my main spells and troops to max (making it even worse, since match maker was thinking I was even more strong). For the record, I had more than 100 remaining upgrades on all towers plus defensive structures and I didn’t manage to get enough gold for putting my workers to work. 

During the release that we did get the monk, I can tell you that was my nightmare scenario. And it only gets worse, since everyone is trying to upgrade from the start, so gold targets will be even more scarce.

During the previous major release I was on the other side of the medal. The 100+ remaining upgrades, I did upgrade with the help of dumping trophies pretty fast (around half a year), as soon as a worker was available, I had the gold for putting them to work, also for spells, troops, waves and research this was the case. So I only had to wait for workers to become available and put them back at work. I had pretty fast everything maxed this time. 

In this case, knowing that at end of July the new release will come, I would definitely start to fool the matchmaker system by staying much lower in trophies. What happens then, is that players who are in similar situation like you now, try to raid, don’t manage to get enough gold. And then you and others can take that gold and use it.  

I agree with you Quantum. Presently I don’t remember the last time in my previous account I have got trouble to gain 700k or 1 Million for a raid. Since the new trophy system or a another change I don’t know. My progression suffer like never before. I was stuck at 1300 trophy for month. by luck I was able to up at 1400. since few weeks at 1500 and now by really luck 1600. With the horrible new system if you fail you lose -30 or -40. So you must restart again you hard work

Now the problem is worst. The matchmaking give me opponent of 12,20,30 trophy who are 10 times more hard and impossible to beat because the game suppose I am too much strong for the trophy I am. Really stupid I cannot beat them or really hard and for maximum for 20k or 50k. Since month I farm opponent at 30k or 50k gold. The game is not able to give me opponent at 500k or more. I must reach 1,700+ because I am level 80 but I start to have lack of power. My troops still at level 8. So low. I am not able to gain 5 Millions and more.

So my defense lack of power nothing to defend well and my power in offense lack because I am not able to upgrade anything.

If Flare can reverse the stupid change system they have make since 3.8.0 or around. I preferred the older one. Where you was able to fight bigger one for 500k and more and same if you fail you was able to gain at 50% 350k and more plus alliance gold bonuses like 600k+. You losing maybe -12 trophy but at least after 10 battles you was able to gain 6 Millions and more. Activate the free shield and 3 hours later do a another 3 or 4 millions to upgrade stuffs

Now with the new system its a pain to try to do something. I just cannot. Maybe was a mistake to forge all my stuffs like crazy. Now I am penalized and boned really hard. On my Ipad I don’t have forge nothing and get opponent of 300k,400k and 700k and gains 1.2 Million per fight.

Probably Flare ask why they lose players week after week. You have the answer. RR2 is no more playable. Is unplayable right now since the new system. They have destroy the only thing who worked great

Here in short word a little recap of old system vs new system. Why RR2 is broken and unplayable

Old System

1.Allow us to fight bigger opponent at +800 or 1000 trophy for 700k and 800k gold. same If you failed at 40 or 50% you was able to gain 400k plus your gold boost and alliance boost over 1 Millions. So fight 3 times the same player for 3 or 4 Millions was super easy.

2.When you failed you losing max -12 or -15 trophy. So regain what you have lost was super easy after

3.You was not stuck to upgrade stuffs

4.The gold rewards was not based on your forge and strength. So whatever you doing in the game you had always opponent at 500k and more

New system cap

1.Don’t allow us now to fight bigger one. Stuck to fight the horrible matchmaking opponent who give nothing

2.When you fail now is horrible at -24,-30 and -40 trophy. So lose twice or triple in a row. Drop your mood and morale to stop playing it

3.You are now stuck because nothing work

4.the gold rewards is now based on your forge and power. So if the system determinate your are supposedly OP for the trophy range. They give you opponent 5 times or 10 times more hard at 21 or 34 trophy to try to up. Result you fail even worst and be stuck forever there

So I try really hard to find a solution. No the drop trophy trick like before and lose 200-300 trophy don’t work anymore. Its worst if you try at 10k gold opponent

a little advice for the new player who read this. Trust me don’t forge your stuffs or you are doom to be stuck in the game or you need to join and forced to join a alliance level 60+ with really strong boost to abuse of elite boost to able to beat hard opponent

If they wanted to kill solo players. Flare you did it congratulations. Solo play is no more possible or its really really hard now if you try at level 80+

Here a little screenshot who show how horrible is the new system :

-30 if you lose. Wow. Flare after you ask why you lose player each week with this new system? at -30 I am close to stop playing it. I hate to lose -30 or -40 in a hard base I cannot beat. If I have no choice I will choose base who give 7-9 to be sure to win. When its not like OR some moron who drop at 1400 trophy and are level 100-120. So I pass my time to check level of each selection. Waste my time,etc…

Forget what I have say same at 7 or 8 you cannot believe this to be easy. When you don’t face Pheobe beast or something else.

Now you know why my morale is really low at this moment and why at 95% of time I write negative post. Now you know. I really love this game but after some moment. So frustrating. The horrible matchmaking,The horrible new system of trophy,etc… make the game frustrating

I think i will forget to play today. Its not my luck or I am not in the mood


Unfortunately, that’s how I think most people feel.

Nowadays I don’t usually care if I lose much trophies or not, but back in the day I hated to work my ass off to climb…

Only to see my efforts go in vain, when I lost 40-60 on an unexpectedly hard base.

As much as I don’t like it, this game encourages to attack repeatedly the same players.

I like to vary my targets, but when I REAAAALLY need that extra gold, I have no other solution than to attack my favorites.

Talking about favorites…

I hate how now and then I have to spend time and time again…

Just to find a “rich-but-beatable” base that will give me 400, 600, or even 800k

So, basically: At some point, everyone needs to have favorites up-to-date, just to be able to farm gold easier.

Which is just way too bad.


The point is, in what trophy range are you?

I have been in 4800+ Trophy range for like half a year now and I don’t have gold problems anymore, But that depends on your ability to stay there and ofcourse your alliance boosts.

Before, i was at 4000-4500 and it was mix of low and high amount of gold. Sometimes I was lucky to find like 900k base gold and sometimes only 150k.

But honestly it’s not too difficult to beat someone 800 trophies higher than yourself when you are around 3500 trophies as those players usually have the same boosts as you do. As attacking is all about offense only wolf ogre knight archer and maybe dracomancer cannon boosts is needed. So every level 55-60 Alliance should be easily able to afford it.

My Alliance also didn’t activate defense boosts for like a month as it’s not needed to farm gold. Stay online attack until you have what you need and no need for defense boost as you will have 0 gold after the upgrade anyway.

BUT this depends entirely on the stupid loot algorithm of the game and your personal skill/troops and spell level/forges. If you can’t find gold even the strongest offense is pointless.

I can only see  these options:

  • dropping trophies
  • asking your alliance to boost offense only if you can’t afford both offense and defense boosts (therefore giving you the ability to attack higher trophy players)
  • attacking during war / ninja / festivals outside of those event (for me personally the top 10 of the enemy alliance in wars usually have a couple of players that give 500k+ base gold)
  • trying to get to 4500+ trophy range, I usually find 300k+ there, but this could very well be an exception



Yups , i have a one solution for that, 

Or may be i create a topic for this.

Also u can attack me, for gold

Now a days I m full of gold , and nobody is attacking me , ?

U Don’t believe me , but i hadn’t fought match making for last 6-8 months, 

I don’t want to increase trophy ,now ,

I only attack higher trophy players which give me 0 trophy for win and 

at loose , lost 0 trophy

I had a good laugh with this 

I just find it funny how you tell people to attack you, but you don’t reveal your nickname on your forum profile.

Lol , ill give when he asked for,

Sometimes,  we have to do something to get something


Ign :  Rahul T??


My ign , is incomplete , 

When the upgrade came to change ign ,

Then don’t know how , while typing it click to change ,so the letter T only written ???

Flare , plz complete my IGN,

Give one more chance to do it.

Shadows , r u there

Where u gone,

To attack me ? After knowing my ign ??

Man, calm down.

No, I didn’t go in-game to try to attack you…

I have more stuff to do, than be 100% of my time looking into the forum

EDIT: I didn’t really want to attack you, I was just messing around lol

Lol, u welcome , anytime.  No issue ?

Back on topic guys. I know there’s workarounds but a workaround isn’t a solution. And raiding other players is basically the core of the game; the fact you get so little for doing so is kind of game breaking. Sure it will motivate some players to fight more but for many, it’s not worth the time or effort, so they just wait until ninjas or war where it’s at least easier to trawl through alliances. I’m trying to approach this as a cost/benefit ratio because that’s how I think flare would approach it. There’s more benefit (more players fighting, more scrolls/revives, etc) than cost (dev time to change the system). So I can’t understand why they would keep this unfun, unfair, and unrewarding system. 

@ShiroKo Ive been around 3200 ±200 for probably a year. Can’t get any higher because I just get knocked down and can’t get much lower because I get boosted back up. It seems to be a problem that’s contained within the 2.5 - 4 k range, but quite a lot of players are there. By that playtime, systems like this become important as the game itself cant sustain a player’s interest. If that makes any sense.