Raid XP and timer

A alliance member claimed he got more xp by allowing all of the defenders waves to spawn before he destroyed the castle gate, so I decided to try the same.

First raid I ran the base with 50 seconds left and gained 370k xp (in war with 5 xp perks on)

Second time I raided him I allowed all of his waves to spawn and held my troops back until it was only 9 seconds left and I only got 287k Thats a rather big difference but I got the opposite result, that I got more xp for just doing it as fast as possible.

Is there any wiki or real information about this? Would be cool to know, especially for war seasons or events with extra xp to get as much as possible when given the chance.

maybe the xp reduces if we attack the same players again again? Just like he gold and medals.

I guess that could make sense… but previously I had many in my favorite list because of xp and I got the same over and over. But that was before the big update .

Maybe something has changed after.  Easy to find out I guess 

Good question! I would have assumed that finishing quicker = more XP because you achieved at a higher level. Would be good to get some other test results.

I test it 2 month ago with some players and yes the timer have a big role to play in XP gain

  1. If you finish the raid with 1 minutes left you can face only 4 or 5 wave only and lost maybe 5K or more of XP

2.XP gain its all about the wave. When I face Rey Ehco this guy give me 72K XP with 40 seconds left. When I raid him and miss a litlle my raid and still 3 seconds at end he give me like 78K XP because you fight more wave.

3.Not only wave that give the more XP, I notice during my raid Stunning Ogre give huge number of XP. If you face a player with no ogre with just ordinary units maybe give 45K XP but if the same player use 6 or 7 Stunning Ogre or more, the same player can give 55 or 60K XP

the tower its not a factor of XP.  I have in my favorite list a level 94 full of Arrow Tower and this player give me like the others 52K XP

The Level of King its not a factor too. Sometime I face level 80 who give me more XP than a level 87, and sometime a level 87 give me more than a level 95,etc…

For me i notice its the number of wave you defeat,time you take to defeat the king,and units used in wave. i don’t know if there is other factor but its all the main. Maybe elite boost have a role too



Maybe they changed it again, but watch this video and you can conclude something completely different. Level plus kind of tower influences XP.

Even your own troops plus strength matter and have impact on XP. You can trust Flothaboss on this one. Every obstacle plus troop of defender and offender can make a difference for XP.

@Dena4 for me your video don’t proof anything Flothaboss video its old very old.Your video you put its 9 month old that was before update 2.0.0 when the XP was caped at 32K. in this time that was easy to said who this guy give me 32K oh ok tower add more XP. no really not today with 40K,50K,70 same 80K XP per raid you can see in detail. Tower don’t give more XP

I tested all stuffs after 2.0.0 and tower don’t give XP. I try base with full of Skull and base with full of Arrow Tower both give the same. Tower its not a factor of XP. You can try all the test you want Tower don’t give more XP or less.You can fight a base with Arrow Tower level 10 and a base with Firebolt and Skulls at level 9 both give the same. I said it Time,Wave and units make the XP

Here some fact if that can help you I do some test right now :

Omar Deud Ob-4 Level 95 : 80% base with Arrow Tower maybe level 10 and Frenzy Frost Blaster : 62K XP 100%

Rey Ehco : Level 93 Base with firebolt bolt Tower between level 1 and 5. Storm Cannon and Power archer. 15 second left 74K XP 97%

I test right now if I do more % in Rey Ehco if I can get more XP. I come back in few minute to tell you if Tower give more XP or not

2nd try I take Sonic Blast and do 98% and this time I got only 71K XP. Tower don’t seem to be a factor of XP but timer I finish the base more fast and lost XP maybe with 30 second left

3rd try I got 100% and this time got 54K XP. Tower don’t give more XP. This time I finish wih 19 seconds left

Lorenzo1990. Level 86 : 7 Stunning Ogres, Power Archer and Firebolt Tower. 53K XP. 35 second left when destroyed

With what I see Timer its a role in XP, Tower don’t seem to be a factor at all, Elite boost maybe a little but not really same with Doom Gate and level not really but the number of wave you fight during the raid. If you fight like 2 time Wave 1,2,3 like 12 Wave you got extra XP but if you fight only 8 Wave you lost a ton of XP

I see something strange 74,71,54. I must test later if attack the same player lower the XP gain

Edit : I do some other test on Rey Ehco here the result :

1st Attack : 66,687 XP at 98% 34 second left

2nd Attack : 73,546 XP at 97% 26 second left

3rd Attack : 69,881 XP at 100% 31 second left

you can see clearely more you defeat castle with just few seconds more XP its high = Time have a role in XP

% don’t seem to affect XP gain = Tower don’t give XP

Wave give the XP = More you fight Wave more XP you gain

Attack the same player don’t affect the amount of XP gain

You should only draw conclusions after verifying facts. So what proof you provided us so that we can conclude towers don’t give XP? “Maybe” and assumptions don’t give us any proof, you just are guessing and make assumptions plus draw conclusions without a fair test.

There would be no logic in it that towers won’t give extra XP. Maybe XP is capped at a certain max, similar like max medals, but I don’t know this fact to be true or not. So your conclusion is that raiding a base without towers give same XP as a base with maxed towers, since you tell us towers won’t affect XP? Come on, you don’t believe that yourself.

A 9 month old video gives more proof than assumptions that you are making now based on just an inner feeling. Why would I assume that Flare changed the XP algorithm completely and left XP gained from towers out of the formula? You want to figure out whether XP is given by a tower or not, then a test can give us results that either support or bust your theory. Make fair test scenarios and exclude evertyhing else that can influence the results from the tests. So also no xp boost uber perk items please.

You should try the following scenario with another person. Remove all waves. Open your base and place no tower at all. Don’t summon anything and just use your sonic blast one single time and give up with two minutes remaining. Check XP points (I don’t think any will be rewarded unless time staying alive should give some XP). Then place a low tower just at the beginning. Destroy it with sonic blast and give up with two minutes left.You will see some XP, not much but still.

Go on and replace it with highest tower of that same type and raid and just destroy the tower with sonic blast and quit at exactly the same time. You will get more XP. Test it with other tower types, not just one. You can also try it with spikes, fences and barricades. Did you get different results sometimes or always the same? With different results you proved that XP depends on tower type, level of tower and boost (if there are boosts). Are the results the same (no xp), then you did proof your theory is correct, otherwhise you busted it.

You want to know if time influences XP? Just open your base and raid as fast as you can. Second time take it easy and slow, so that you need more time. Wanna test xp with waves. Just put in two waves with one troop. Wait near your base to destroy them and stop the time. Do the same with only one wave and stop at exactly the same time. That way you test situations and deliver proof.

This way of testing costs bread, some trophies and… some time, since you can only raid same person three times every hour. Trust me on this one, towers definitely give XP. Not much per tower, but they give XP and it depends on tower, level of that tower plus boosts. Only thing you can’t exclude out from this test is trophy amount. But you can exclude that by doing the same test twice in a row, since one player loses trophies, while the other one wins them. For example raid your highest tower twice. You will see same results.

You want to exclude hero level? Let another player do same, let him put a single tower in there without any waves and just a tower of same level. You should get exactly same results, since hero level has nothing to do with defense.

I think XP depends on the level of towers, level of your troops and in general base level. If you have all max. towers, it will give more xp than say a base with 5-6 max towers and then 1-2 towers and so on. Similar way, the level of your troops also play a role in xp. Moreover, your level ( in all aspects) also makes a difference.

I am in doubt over the timing part, though. But I am sure about the other aspects as I have observed the change of xp when you hit harder and difficult (higher medals) bases as compared to lower level bases. 

I agree with Jack that there are so many points to be tested, and therefore nothing can be pinpointed out as to what criteria’s are involved in xp counting.

Probably the devs can have an exact answer to this.


For the timing I am sure at 100% its a big role in XP gain. I tested it so many time. its logic for me I don’t see why a player can be rewarded with high XP if you fight a low level in 1 minutes or less no sense. For me no doubt if you destroy someone with 30 seconds left you gain perhaps 52K XP and if you beat it again but with 2 seconds left you gain 60K XP because you fight more units. Timer its a fact people can do all the test

For the rest Dena4 said I test it just a little. for me that why I don’t try to fight player with max tower because I try it 1 time and give me just 40k XP. I try base with 4 or 5 skulls at level 7+ and give me just 52K XP. I try open base without troops nothing that give 40K XP or less. I try open base with just few towers and few units 40K XP. Dena don’t worries I test all since 2.0.0 but you right we don’t know the exact factor that give XP.  Maybe 4 month I try to find player who give me 72,75 or 80 XP. Poor Rey Ehco its the only one I found who give me high XP

Why I guy like Rey Ehco a level 93 with just Firebolt tower level 1 and maybe 1 or 2 at level 5 with so low defense give me between 72 and 80K XP I don’t know.They have a factor somewhere we don’t know exactly and why a guy like Omar Deud OB-4 level 95 give me 66K XP with just Arrow Tower and Arblaster I don’t know why because the others I try give me 40 or 50K XP with high towers.

I don’t think same if you do all the test you want. I don’t think someome can find the answer. The only person who have this answer its Flaregames