Raiding is almost impossible after new updates



Am I the only one feeling that the raiding got almost impossible after the new updates? I know many good raiders who are facing problems and I lost several raids on very easy players because of the doom gate and faster waves and the other updates. is it only me or you are facing such issues too?

Not sure what do you mean by faster waves but at average level I am not facing any problems(cups-3550).

But I am not sure about high level gameplay.

Same here. I spent a few gems and bread and got no succes. Many players I thought I am able to finish were not killable.

I do not think raiding is difficult . Yep it needs some scrolling in case of moderate (Non-expert) players but no problem with raiding.


Making 12mill Gold per day even today was very easy for me. Have fun raiding. 





The raiding is of course become tougher (not impossible), and if you usually do little scrolling prior to the update, that essentially means now u need to be a even better scroller , if not u just hv to waste alot more scrolls to win a base. 


Now u can’t expect by simply throwing one time warp/ battlecry or summoning u will easily get pass most base. U have to work harder and plan where to timewarp/battlecry/summoning etc…

I don’t think it’s harder I think it’s more balanced…


When FLARE is slacking I will let them know over and over. But they won me back by balancing the game out more.


I’m not looking for an easy win I’m looking for a challenge I can overcome with time and effort.

I feel that is what this update provides me personally.

Considering that some people already maxed their waves to 42 points each (adding 3 mummies on some etc) and also the boost in hell gate, and assuming that you didn’t max the new blizzard level yet, then I think that definitely some bases become much harder now.


I am not sure how the new max blizzard can balance the new changes in defense, but I have the impression that the overall outcome will favor defense once again (and increased scrolling/gem spending with Flare’s *blessings*)

I was asking before the upgrade and after the upgrade. Idk what’s happening today same players in the morning I was beating and after the update it got harder and they are several  players not only one. Idk if it’s a bug in my account or idk

I completely agree. I would war somebody before that would offer 24 medals and was 300 trophies below me and not make it past 25%. Now I can access weaknesses and attack, if I do the correct order, I can win in the 300-400 range (how it should be).

Well, I am not really sure about this. But I quite notice somethings. Like, I cannot anymore finish the bases I used to finish without scrolling. And I believe other players have also difficulties raiding my base. More than 100 trophies was added to me recently.

The only thing I think made the game harder after latest update is the new 42 morale wave point.Other thing such as doom gate buff and wave starting time doesnt  affect me at all

well not much ppl has 42 morale, so the tough part should be coming from the OP blaster  :lol:

I sure am glad that I read stuff in this forum. I did not think about Arblasters healing the gate as they come out. I do know when fighting against somebody that had leveled them, There base was impenetrable unless I spammed Sword Drain. Any AoE spells may drop one but heals everything around it.


Try blizzard… It’s more useful than swordrain IMO.



Well, I met my like quota, so:



It depends… lvl 6 arblasters don’t die from a lvl 12 blizzard if they are boosted (due to ice resistance). So to kill arbs that have max troop lvl (independent of the boost lvl), you currently need swordrain. (Or the yesterday newly released lvl 13 blizzard which you probably won’t have yet :wink:

If you face lvl 4/5 arblasters, then those might also die from a high lvl blizzard, which is when blizzard might be better overall (as it does slow down other troops and damages structures more than sword rain). 

I prefer sword drain because I can take out units across the wall when my units are busy or walking like snails. The other reason is I have Blizzard at level 2, never used it. I have started upgrading it as I read more and more of it’s effectiveness. Thanks for the info!