Raiding (playing) isn't worth it anymore!

After the Dragon update the value of the raids I find have been cut in half!  Meaning I hardly get any gold raiding and it’s so little that it’s just not woth my time raiding and I’m thinking of quitting.

I’m not having any problem related to that, maybe you’re just with bad luck

You are not alone. I have noticed it too that it is harder to get gold and several other members in my alliance have pointed it out too that they can’t find any raids worth 200k+.

Nope just time

Wait another couple hours and matchmaking sometime give u 500k gold

My chamber full on gold shield waiting worker done their work

Poor you! I’ve got 10M of gold without any shield!

Had to wait 12hrs until another upgrade finished.

Yay drakonite please leave ur ign

I sure lot player wanna raid u :stuck_out_tongue:

guys this is only because everyone is now upgrading everything that was released in the new update: spells, towers and units!


give it a few weeks and then there will be a lot more.

I hope Gizmo is right, what Maerique describes has happened to me too, just not all the time, but many times the matchmaking has put players who almost give me no trophies and no loot and no medals, so I’m getting disappointed of it, I’ll wait for the game to fix it

the week before the update you could at high levels get 1m gold per raid with alliance boosts. now its 200-300 max base + boost on top so 300-400 approx. of course there are exceptions but the days after the update you couldn’t even get this.


Think about it. a lot of high and mid-high players have max units so there are 3 new levels: pyro, froster and paladins + a new spell level, new snake levels and FB etc etc… all of which people want asap


after 3 weeks which is enough time to get pyro/froster etc without paying gems to accelerate you will see that players (at top) again have not much to spend gold on so you will see the levels of gold increasing again

Me and some others also noticed this. It seams like the extra gold(that the opponent do not lose but u still get for raiding) was get nerfed.

It’ll get better during war season. Busy workers + extra raids = more gold. Honestly, war seasons used to be the only time I’d even play.