Raids possible during Maintenance break??? Cheaters or a Bug??



Today, at 8th August 2015, time 13:30 we had a maintenance break by flares.


I had 2.5M in the chamber, being online all the time. Everybody knows how difficult it is for a windows user to gather enough food to raise these sums of gold.

Returned to the game the same second after the maintenance break finished.


To my surprise, I’ve seen a sign of a raid against my base in progress. During the maintenance break my base was attacked and looted for 480,556 gold.


Flares, why are the players in maintenance zones are open for attacks? Or maybe it was a cheater?


I need my gold back!

The problem is not only the gold itself, but the timing of it’s presence. Needed it now for an upgrade. Now will have to waste hours to gather back this sum.




Here is the screenshot taken 15 minutes after the maintenance break:

Hey Edward,


Thank you for your report, we will investigate this issue.

Thanks Aether :slight_smile:

Actually, I can live with this loss. You win some, you lose some. No big deal, it just costed me some time to get this gold again.


But still this issue seems very strange and worth investigation.



to Edward:


Это же не читер, это наш Адем, он же Дмитрий Андреевич, который вк руководства писал :slight_smile:


Не знаю что там за глюк был…


Может быть глюк, трюк  или всё что угодно. Не имею ничего против вашего Лаврентия Паввловиича. Но факт остаётся фактом. Я был все время онлайн а этот бой начался во время Maintenance break, Эдик


mss, no offense :slight_smile:


I am already farming this player. Got all my gold back, even doubled.


I only ask to check this strange case.