Raising the 1,015 Skull Limit!

I’m a level 107 player, and the more I’ve risen the more I’ve realized the game is not really setup to accommodate players at higher levels.


Most importantly, somewhere around level 95, a player hits his skull limit: 1,015, no matter how much he rises he’s not worth any more skulls. 

I hate that.  From level 107, level 95 is just a bug to be squashed. 

And in the Alliance Wars players ought to have to struggle to beat those high level kings for the high level rewards, not just pick off the level 95 players. 


A further unrelated complaint is items are capped at level 130. So I’ve gotten the same exact item from Uber chests probably 9 times now.  And since at my level it’s always level 130.  It’s horribly disappointing.  Item levels should continue to rise with us too!  The game needs to keep it’s veteran players engaged!

Totally disagree.

The Assumption is level 95 would have similar troops to a level 130. If we would raise that limit, all level 130 would be kicked out. Mass destruction, and this will face massive flak. The thought process would be - Why to have level 130 player when 115 can also beat 130.

Item levels are capped because hero level is capped. We cannot get further high level items.

If i remember correctly long time ago there wasn’t a cap so if you were the higher in the alliance you were always aimed by all the opposite alliance members because they could get many more skulls from you. This was a big disadvantage for such high level players so they decided to decrease the threshold by setting this cap of 1,015 skulls for a lvl 95.

Item’s level is just an indicator nothing more. What you really have to look for are the stats especially 2nd and/or 3rd bonus (if the item has 3rd bonus). What stops at lvl 130 is just the primary bonus so nothing special. If you get always items lvl 130 just look only for their 2nd and 3rd bonuses. Forge them one single time and you get those items as you would be at +1 +2 hero’s level more. Plus nowadays with all the combinations you can create, you come out with a super powerful blizzard, a super powerful bladestorm, firestorm etc that you can decimate an entire base aside the fact of having few points more on your perks. So from the point you get always items lvl 130, the reason to level up is to get those 2nd and 3rd perks better and better when you’re going to find them in the chests.

When the cap few time ago was lvl 120 and then they added +10 levels for both items and hero’s level, players got angry for that because then they had to start all over again to max the primary stat.

I wouldn’t be surprise if they add +10 levels rising everything to 140 (it would make all our uber items obsolete in 1sec again) but at the same time it would mean no sense from the moment that offense is good as it is and adding more as on every things we’re currently seeing (i.e. towers) wouldn’t have a reason unless keeping busy more players.


You say there’s a big disadvantage being targeted by for your higher skull levels?

What’s the disadvantage?

Honestly, that’s why I want to raise the skull limit. 

Nobody ever attacks me since they can get the same number of skulls from a low level player. 

I want people attacking me cause I want to get the gems they lose on me!

Plus I don’t think you actually lose money being raided in the Alliance Wars so I can see 0 disadvantages. 


Why would they kick out level 130 kings?  Hu? 

If that were true they’d kick out level 95 kings and keep the level 60 kings for the lower skulls. 

Right now the cap is fine, being on a higher level would actually mean a disadvantage, everyone wants to level up in the game, but if higher level means that you give the enemies more skulls, then the more levels the more you cost victory to your team on wars. I mean, if a player has a higher level it doesn’t necessarily mean his base is better than others, all the defensive stuff and forges have level caps, so a level 130 players might end up with an equally good base as a player level 95’s base, guess who will be attacked, and will give enemies more skulls. I even think top alliances might kick highest levels kings and look for close to level 95 paying top players.


Well, level 95 was quite correct back then, but right now 105 is more realistic to have a sort of maxed out base.

But this was mainly introduced because higher level players became a burden to their alliance because they dropped way more skulls than players with similar bases but a lower king level.

Here you can read about how it was back in the day for high level players:


Again wrong. 

If higher levels would stop people from leveling up my Alliance would be kicking it’s level 90 player and replacing them with 60 players.  Then when everybody figured out that trick they’d kick 60’s for 30’s.  It doesn’t actually work that way and the game itself proves it.

That’s exaggerating, because those low levels don’t have enough trophies, nor donations, nor hard bases for top teams. We’re exclusively talking about high level gaming, where some players have already reached the max possible for everything (except trophies of course, ‘cuz there’s no limit), so clearly those alliances won’t replace their members for level 30 players, but in this case some level 95 players might have a better base than someone on level 105 for example, or a level 100 player can have an equally good base as a level 120 player, in that part of the game kings’ levels don’t make a big difference in that matter, so teams would prefer the equally good level 100 player to the skull-bleeding level 120 person.


Imagine The scenario in a top alliance. You have to gain 1015 + SP. Now if you raise the bar, why have 130 if 120 can get you 130 level skulls. 130 and 120 is no different since based dont change at all.

Since the introduction of Uber Chest in War Season. Should be a good idea to up the limit at 1,200 at least plus if you have 20% skull perk can up that at 1,300 or more.

1 Wave = 10 attack = without skulls perk 3,700 - 4,000 skulls

you need 11 wave to able to get at least 1 Uber Chest. 13 Wave for the second Uber Chest I think its impossible

Same with 20% you must be lucky same at 5,000 skulls to have 5 or 6 waves in a War Season

Maybe only top alliance can use Champion in each War Season to allow some player to get Uber Chest

Its cool to give us Uber Chest but you must give us the skulls with it

Your motivation for not removing the cap I would have given as a reason to remove the cap. If you level up - it should be more rewarding for the attacker.

Nope, it doesn’t give a legal reason.

First wars there was no cap. Suddenly the highest king (SorinM at that moment with hero level 120) returned, something nobody expected. His team started to lose wars, just because he gave higher skull rewards than other players. King level above 95 can beat any king under certain conditions, most important is raiding skill plus max boosts, nowadays there are more things like very good perks, forges and so on.

So if they remove the cap, all high level kings are doomed to leave their teams (or even worse being kicked) during war seasons (they bleed skulls) and eventually have no other option left and will be forced quit the game.

There is no relation between defense and hero level, a level 95 king can have a maxed base, forged to the max. Being high hero level only upgrades your stats somewhat and your items (only usable for offense) might have better stats. It doesn’t give you any defensive advantage. If it would give a defensive advantage (for example for every % your hero level is above 100, strengthen towers with that extra percentage, for example level 130 hero has towers 130% of the current strength), the cap could be removed. But I expect that members then again start to complain that defense of high kings become way too strong.

To keep things simple, keep the cap.

I agree with OilFire, by leaving the reward limit low it means that attackers can get a max amount of skull by beating the weaker members of our Alliance.  So I spent all my time building up my defenses for no reason.  Cause now they can just attack our weaklings and get the same amount of skulls.

Then it’s up to your team to help those so called ‘weaklings’ to improve their defense, tell them why some tower location or path is incorrect and that other options need to improve. Even advice over troops and so on is welcome. Teach them what upgrades they should focus on and when some player doesn’t want to listen, then it would be wise to let him search another team. Losing a lot of war seasons just because some players refuse to improve their defense is the choice of the leader plus generals, it’s as simple as that.

As a team you need to make sure your members invest in defense, it’s not the other team where you are in war with it’s fault that the player didn’t invest enough in his/her defense.

Like I said, when hero level would influence/have impact on defensive structures, then I would agree to remove the cap, otherwise not. There is no relation between defense and hero level.

We simply irreconcilably disagree.

Hero level effects skull pay out all the way up to a limit where it suddenly does not. 

If you agree a level 10 hero should have a different skull pay out from a level 95  hero, then obviously, a level 110 hero should have a different payout from a level 95 hero. 

You’re saying stuff…  But it means nothing to me. 




The highest level king at the time was HSMK, not SorinM, I don’t think Sorin has yet got to level 120 even now. At the time most of the high level kings did debate leaving their alliances as they paid out huge amounts of skulls and were attacked continually (often with scrolls), they therefore felt like they were a liability to their team. The kings level has nothing whatsoever to do with the base strength, some max bases are owned by kings in the low 100s even upper 90s and some high level kings have weal bases, it depends on what the player has concentrated on.

In the last war (that nasty over boosted defence war) I saw a very skilled (or cheating) level 91 king, destroy a number of maxed bases scroll free, proving that it is possible to beat the highest bases still from that level.

The cap is fine where it is IMO, don’t forget after the first three raids a significant number of skulls comes from the cof, defeating the highest placed guys pays the most skulls, so just raiding low hanging fruit pays significantly less over a war if all you do is hit easy bases. 


So if you say that defense is depending on hero level, I definitely say you are incorrect. You have sometimes good ideas, but since we can expect that a certain hero level is able to have a maxed base and also can be able to beat such bases there needs to be a cap.

There seriously is no relation between a hero level and the toughness of his base. That there needs to be a difference between level 10 and level 95 is obvious, a hero level 10 will not be able to max his base, but a level 95 hero definitely can.

Flare made the cap after high hero level kings were kicked out of their teams. Why punish players for getting a high level hero. Like I said, if defense would be related somehow to hero level, then the cap can be removed. Since there is no relationship between those there needs to be a cap. 

I would accept an alternate measure of raising or lowering the skull difference. 

Albeit the most accurate measure I have seen is hero level.

Trophies can be dropped, levels cannot.