Random game crash

Hi FG & fellow Olympians,

Illidan Stromrage here.  General of “Sovereign Gate” alliance. Olympus Rising game has been crashing so much lately. This is NOT about the Server crash yesterday during the war. This happens to me on my new device (LG V30) all the time.

I had made repeated complaints and each time, I get the same reply. I am annoyed by this. It seems no effort have been taken to rectify this issue. Day by day, I am loosing interest in playing the game, due to these crashes.

Crash scenario:

These crashes happen, when my hero is about enter the bridge to attack the statue and the Gate. No once, twice. I have had these crashes more than a 100 times. I have also sent feedback regarding the same. but nothing good has happened.

Who is going to compensate all the cup/gem losses? After all we pay for the gems. Please look into this issue as you may loose many more players because of the annoyances.