Random New Damage Type Lighting?

With the Lightning Tower we have a new damage type: Lighting…

But it doesn’t seem to be at all integrated into the game…

There’s no unit that seems to have either a Weakness or Resistance to Lighting. 

There’s no Armor or Weapons that have a Resistance or Damage of Lighting.

You guys thinks they’ll get this integrated properly? 

Obviously commonsense would say the tall and heavily armored units would have a Weakness to Lighting…

Not that common sense rules in these decisions. 

But maybe that would add more balance to the game making Archers, Pyromancers, and Mortars resistant to Lighting?

Also I’m not happy with the fact that the Lighting Tower is really just Firebolt Tower 2.0. 

It stands back off the path.

It fires across lanes when luck or increased range (at least in the video).

It is weak to fire. 

And how is a Lightning Tower not vulnerable to Frost?  In What world do electricity and water (even frozen water) play well together?

I just started two of these new towers. I don’t know yet if I will keep them in the long run, but it’s worth a try. 

Er, what water? It’s ice, not water - not even the frost tower uses water; it uses probably something like dry ice, which will temporarily stun any creature immersed in it, if not kill it. 

Also, remember that this lightning comes from a magic stone - there are no wires or diodes to short-circuit. In fact, water, which conducts electricity (which is why it is so bad for electronic object, like, say, phones - the full power from the battery can hit a diode and fry it because it had not passed through a resistor before the diode, like it was supposed to) would EXTEND the range of the lightning tower, as lightning can travel THROUGH water. So you should be glad the blizzard spell does not affect the lightning tower. EVERYTHING WITHIN THE RANGE OF THE SPELL - EVERY ONE OF YOUR UNITS WOULD BE STUNNED.  Since there is no such thing as friendly fire, however, the stun would not affect defensive towers and units.

Frost is water…  Frozen water.  It’s a fact. 

In all fairness I should have said Frost cause that’s the in game thing.

But Frost is Frozen Water.

But frozen water does not conduct electricity. It’s a fact.

Therefore it would have no effect upon lightning  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and no…

Water also does not conduct electricity. 

Problem is except in a lab water is always impure and even the slightest amount of impurities makes it an amazing conductor!

Ice when hit with a high breach voltage becomes water quickly and due to the previous statement becomes a conductor quickly. 

For small amounts of electricity in a lab your statement is correct.  For real world applications not as accurate. 

Ok, I must admit you have a point there, Maerique. However, since Ice/Water doesn’t do a lot of damage to rocks - except over a LONG period of time - the lightning tower, which magically draws its electricity from a stone, shouldn’t be too affected by Blizzard.

Also, since Blizzard is an instant spell, the electricity that will hit the units/towers/whatever-it-does by using the Blizzard spell as a conductor will only last for an instant - and so its stun effects or damage will be low and virtually ignorable.

But then again, it would be fun to hit the blizzard spell while a lightning tower is firing to stun everything within the range of blizzard for like 0.3 secs. It might produce some very interesting strategies.

This new tower is definitely not firebolt.One zap and you have a level 103 king at half HP.Agree that we need lightning resistance armor.


I dont care that it is strong against ice damage since it is clearly a way to control froster dragon that imo been a little OP.So good move by FG there.

So that means it has to be placed near the gates or half way into the path, as the chances of having a dragon generally is around that time.

According to my experience on L bases, defensive ice-dragon spawn (most of time) when you are at the upper point of the base (the curve of 180*) but luckily it does really low damage, i can say that it is good only to slowdown and nothing more…

But what i see for lightning tower is good that it deal good damage to the king since it is easy to destroy this tower, ok that we are still upgrading it, ok that we don’t have all max alliance with max tempest tower but currently is weak,  1 bladestorm or 1 sonic blast or few hit of cannons, etc destroy it in no time.

I think the next war boost Pyros will be good as they will become fire dragons. It brings down the firebolts and barricades.