Random Skin chest in Festivals

Hello everyone,

This time it concerns the Festivals.

As more and more skins appear in the game, and each new event there are new skins displayed but not old ones, it becomes impossible to get the ones we missed…

Also many have the feeling that some are really expensive. It happenened many times for me that more than one skin looked really awesome, but with the token and other festivals feature it becomes nearly impossible to afford without gems.

So I’m suggesting to add A Skin Chest that is affordable, like half the price of the most expensive skin displayed. This chest will give one random skin in the game, it will solve the problem of not beeing able to get “old” skins and the price problem. If whatever skin is okey for you ( because they all look great don’t they?), you could purchase the Skin chest.

But if you absolutely(100%) want a special skin that is diplayed in festivals, you’ll want to buy it and not the skin chest.

If you get for instance duplicates, there could be a “refund” of the festival currency to gems ( at the actual conversion rate 42:1(?)). So even if you get a duplicate you’r not really on the losing side, because anyway in the end you may only want to have gems in the festival. Everyone likes gems^^.

What do you think?