Randomly fail at raid

Sometimes when I hit the “raid” phase of “siege - raid - victory” I will randomly fail and lose a ton of trophies. I won’t have died and the time will still have over a minute left on it. I think I’ve destroyed all the trophies at that point. What have I done wrong?


I mean… I think I destroyed all the towers at that point. Not all the trophies.

If one of the enemies troops breaks through your lines and reaches your started point, you will lose.

That could be it.

Hello Josh,

As mentioned by Decado1, if your base of Olympus is damaged and destroyed, you will lose the raid, so be careful to not let any troops reach it!

This has happened to me and my brother, more my brother. Game just cuts from battle, I seen it a few times while he was attacking. No one breaking through the lines, just randomly ends battle. Others have mentioned it happening in the chat too.