Range Skull Tower

As I’m trying to adapt my base to the new defense tactics, I’m upgrading from the perks one of my skull tower. Well first time 1.3% indicated a very small rise in the range 5.6 more precise. Second time again 1.3% . Well this time it didn’t happen. After upgrade same 5.6 is shown . The results are:loosing 250 pearls because 1 spin fail (as usual),and not even upgrade.

Is that the frustration are you going to push us through? After testing and testing those new upgrading you actually did nothing for us. Just milking more money for us . And ofc our loses never being compensating.

Just the fact that you have to upgrade towers individuallly sucks. I have upgraded spell and troops and it shows in the stats. Didn’t try any towers or obstacle tough. 

Actually I prefer to upgrade towers individually, because in the same type of tower you can make one with high range and another one with high damage, and then you’ll have to use them differently to make your own strategy, maybe I’ll want to increase one of those towers’ resistance, but not for the other, so for me it’s ok, but too expensive to achieve and maybe the upgrades won’t be worth it nor noticeable…

Well for 2000 pearls you can get (if the upgarde doesn’t fail 8 times in a row) your tower to shoot 0.8% faster ! Great deal !

That’s why I said expensive and not worth it.

It’s because the value gets rounded to the nearest first significant digit in the UI:


5.5 * 1.013 = 5.571

5.5 * 1.026 = 5.643


You do get the benefit, but it is miniscule, flare should probably add the second significant digit if they are going to allow such small boost levels on small numbers.

Exactly. That is my point.When you make something do it for everyone to see for what they are paying.