Range weapons for the king

The RR2 king only have close range weapons.

Give the king a bow and let him do damage over a distance. Give the king a magic staff to do fire or ice damage. Give the king a big gun (similar to the cannon).

I think its not possible in this game. Think about it : Ranged units,Ranged Spells and Ranged Weapon. Maybe cool on paper and all but the fact is you destroy the game with a ideal like that. Think about Skull Tower lot of time people spend to upgrade them at level 7 or max. Ranged Weapon gonna make them useless and maybe other towers

Sure all depend of the range of the weapon if you give a bow with 5.00 or 5.5 range just sit and shoot each tower without effort but maybe if the ranged weapon have only a range of 2.00 just a little more of melee weapon

I cannot see how flaregames can add them in this game. Make the game so easy I don’t know. 

let me think maybe…

Cannon : the king cannot attack units only Tower. Range of 5.00. At 200 pearl you can boost Range for 1.5% each or Damage + 2

Bow : the king can shoot units but cannot shoot Tower. Range of 2.00. At 200 pearls you can boost Range for 1.5% each or Add aleatory elementary damage + 0.5%

Magic Staff : If you got a Fire Staff that add damage to pyromancer and up damage of Firestorm. Cannot attack unit or Tower

                    If you got a Ice Staff that add damage to froster and up damage of Blizzard. Cannot attack unit or Tower

                    If you got a Poison Staff that add damage to Mortar and Mummy and up damage of Toxic Cloud.Cannot attack unit or Tower

                   if you got a Shield Staff that add 200 of shield spell. Cannot attack unit or Tower

                   if you got a Blunt Staff that add damage of Sonic Blast and Bladestorm. Cannot attack unit of tower

                   if you got a Heal Staff that add regenerating + 1% for level 1 to 20, +2% for level 21 to 50, +3% for level 51 to 90, +4% for level 91 to 110 and +5% for level 120 for Heal spell.Cannot attack unit of Tower

Throwing Knife : Can shoot on unit but cannot attack Tower. No effect on paladin,knight,cannon,mortar but can kill fast Ogre,Werewolf and Mummy

Sniper : Shoot unit with a long range but shoot 1 bullet at a time and need recharge each time

automatic Shotgun : Shoot units only and can shoot 3 bullet at a time and can kill a group of unit

Gaitlin Gun : Shoot all what you throw him but reduce the speed of king 5% and after a laps of time need to recharge for 10 seconds

maybe need some work on that and some changements but maybe can be possible

I don’t know. We can find a ideal possible that work

Or just make him a ninja king that throws shurikens and screams haaaaaadouken! !!

okay that’s funny…

:wink: :wink:

this game is about the old days with a king, sword and a castle and a enemy and not forgetting knights…

So i don’t thing there will be a ninja or range weapons

BUT i would love a range weapon