Rank 38 pitted against 186 - worse pairing EVER

I’m in an alliance that is ranked 186. In the war presently taking place we are paired against an alliance with a rank of 38. Our alliance obviously has no chance whatsoever. But the most discouraging part about it is the amount of gems I have to spend just to win enough points to get a few chests. I’m level 94 while the lowest level in the opposing alliance is level 100. The only people I have a shot at are the three that have the lowest rank. This means I have to do repeated attacks against the same three if I want to use all my furies. But each attack after the initial attack receives a reduced amount of points. And I have to use at least one incantation on two of the three people that I am able to attack. This is so unfair that it makes it so that it is no longer fun to play. I like a challenge - but this is simply too much.

That team will be promoted to the next league after this season and your team will probably be demoted. Both alliances will most likely have better matched wars next season. 

So sorry Vern,this is very bad war leagues design. Some privileged players don’t know how is it like when your alliance is too strong for league below and too weak for higher league. They don’t know how is it when yours teammates wastes whole war season (6 weeks) in league when they can’t do anything…so pity.

That gets progressively better with each war season. Under the old system it would never change. You could be stuck in a part of the leaderboard where you couldn’t compete for an indefinite amount of time. Some teams had to dump torches for weeks and weeks and weeks to change their rankings slightly. This system isn’t perfect, but there’s only one more war before the situation is better for @Vern

Sorry you don’t like it though.

Until when it will better for him? Until war season after another 6 weeks when they come to the higher league again? Same problem all over again? Been there done that,you didn’t. Elite player like you don’t know how big this problem is. This doomed war leagues loops are disaster! All bugs after 4.0 came out are compesation and karma/God’s reactions to war leagues horrors.

Again, sorry you don’t like it, but I think you’ll notice that most of the matchmaking complaints have kinda died down at this point. It took about 4 seasons. I would have structured it a little differently, which i think would have prevented a lot of the unpleasantness about matchmaking right from the start, and I think two 1vs1 wars is too many (the matchmaking in a 1vs1 war can either be fair or not fair, with nothing in between. Multi team wars smooth the edges better), but the leagues are more balanced this season then any season prior and they continue to improve.

The game can only do so much, though. A lot of the responsibility is still on the alliances to improve from week to week and war to war. That was the same in the old system and its the same in this system.

Why did you like the old system better?

Hmmmm maybe because war blessings were distributed fairly? Matchmaking worked better then?

@HeliosSRB i also love old war format where any team can have access to best war blessings by winning the wars.

Now they are just granted to any team based on thier league selection and not thier performance in war.

Sad, we have a system which has made wars obsolete.

I now find war concept meaningless and boring.

I play in a team that can easily dominate league of gods for easy wars.

It is time developers should think about this new system the way it distributes blessings.

New war blessings can never be won by team other than RS,GOW,CCCP AND TEXAS team.

This is what is happening since this system came in place.

@HOLYDIVINEThank you.Thank you for this objective and rational point of view.

In League of Demi-Gods,matchmaking is terrible.Teams ranked 17,29 and 131 still can be matched together.

There are plenty teams which belong somewhere between leagues.

War blessing distribution is awful!Old war format was better and more fair to all,not just to elite.

And I really hope that Boomshaklaka will brake this wheel and mess with the plans of the old elite.I want to congratulate you on the first victory in the League of Titans! ?

As one of an older player, i want to say that

I dislike the newer players not having the beautifull war blessings like chaos gate and barricade war blessing. Maybe they wont see them for their OR gaming experienc.  Independent to a leaque, all teams being rank 1 of the war weekend have to get those 2 outstanding blessings as the old system… (active for end of next battle, one week reward gate, other week reward is barricade blessing) 

Some may say: They can go to stronger teams etc, for to get thoose. But some players play this game on loyalty and they are not alliance hoopers…