Rank Incentives

Yes we have the medal bonus, I’m feeling like its not much or doing much to push players to move further up. How about adding gold incentives? 2% 5% 10%? 3% 7% 12%? With not so good loot, player pool, expensive upgrades and hard opponents, gold boost as an incentive might be a good idea.

I see the same people in the top100 and 50. Basically just bouncing up and down here and there. Some high kings are still hiding in low ranks. While most mid players just want to retain mid rank since it yields a lot of gold…

How about gold boost as an additional incentive? An additional push for people to strive for a higher rank.


Maybe top10 player get some daily bonus gems? They’re spending shitloads of gems to at least make it worth for them to stay in the top10. Because if you think about it there isn’t much pros in top aside from pride and glory

most top players really don’t need gold since they have maxed or almost have everything maxed out.


gem incentives really aren’t that much of an incentive either once you have everything maxed out and have a very high level hero

Need to add quest that if u in top 5, you get 1000 gems

Good idea but daily gems is no

I agree with eric0001 to 100%. The greatest Problem (for me)  that must be solve is the less food (only 7 Fights for free) for attacks. If you want more fights you must buy food with gems or take a break for ca. 2,5 hours to play the next 3 games.

So when you have a High Level King you must “pay” 250 bread per fight, that is to much.


Why don´t Flaregames let us build a Breadfactory?  :wink:

Yeah, it is hard to get loot up in top 50. Most people has shield on, or rarely left behind any money. Even if someone left behind money, it will be taken away by somebody else in no time. Personally if i takes a full rest until loot recover, i will get around 250k+ max from some player (usually this loot is computer + a little from his chamber ) then second attack drop to 180k or so. and then further drop to 150k or 160k for third attack. Every attack takes one hour or so to recover the loot which is really long. 


So my suggestion is either 

  1. decrease the loot recovery time (like shorten up the recovery time to half)




  1. bring back the previous one gem trick 




  1. as Kipps mention, gv some gold incentive 

Top10 might not all need gold that’s why I’m suggesting some daily gem bonus. I don’t see why not? They need it the most and worked for it. As for the amounts maybe 50-100 a day? They’ll eventually use it for food. 6 more raids a day.

top 50 should get gems on weekly basis like the top 50 for every Sunday get gems range from 750 for 1st place to maybe 50 gems for 50th king.Cloud Raiders game have this kind of events/reward for top individual players and of course they have guild reward too.The top 3 will also be announce to the whole world like theres an ads pop up to display their name and trophy count for the week to all people when they log in.


For the gold incentives , I think its better to make an optional event that give rewards for top 50 players for the event and the reward is gold incentives for certain period of time.This way only players that want the gold will join , top players with maxed out towers can focus on being top 10.Flare should also introduce better granny shop that sells items like medal boost for 3days for $3 or 50% gold boost (2day) for $2 something like that (won’t work fairly with current trophy system)


This will make it even more play to win than ever , yes but I think its better compared to spending gems/money for food only to get crappy gold return.Players will spend money to get better gold (since Flare not returning the gems trick) but of course to do this there need to be more food/lower food cost because if its only limited to 3 attack per full silo then thats like $2 for 10-15 attack per day unless players buy food with gems.To introduce premium gold boost items Flare need to lower the food cost first , can’t expect us to spend money both on gems and gold boost right ? 


Now this may not be good for free players but hey if you really want to compete then know that its by using money.If you’re happy playing for free then don’t complaint when you can’t progress because everyone else spending money.If some players don’t want to spend money then they have to do well in the events that rewards gold boost.Since the league now mostly dominated by lower players , I don’t think event will be easy for stronger kings so everyone have a chance to win.


It should be like 500 king for each event group ?


Having suggested all this things , it really won’t work until Flare fix the current trophy stripping/exploits first by introducing a new leaderboard system with endless trophy war where raiders gain trophy but the defeated king won’t lose any and this trophy reward should be base on king levels.I don’t know if Flare are doing something better but for me this is the best solution.Since Jona said they’ll come up with the solution in next update , we’ll wait and see first.


I haven’t really think about the negative impact but theres a few of course that I think can be fix.Hows this suggestion ?

I don’t see anything that the game could offer. Gems - food.

Well gold incentives can have an indirect help. More gold more players would want the gold - more scrolls - more gems - more food? And when they do max out the chamber at least if they would like to they can hunt for gears? Not much I know but it can be of some use

@fii nami

That’s a bit too complicated and needs a lot of time to do. The incentives are geared towards ranking up and not for everyone. The point is to motivate people to go up. I believe my simple ideas of gold and gem bonus can be easily applied and used in game.

Unless you’re maybe top10 or top30 trying to go top10, trophy stripping shouldn’t be an issue lol

What rank are you?

Yes kipps its very complicated but from my point of view  why climb up for some gold incentives when staying low and raiding easy base can give better/same gold ? For example , I’ve stayed around 3000-3200 trophies for a week now and getting a lot of 600k bases everyday so why climb up ? ( I can compete up to 3500ish ranks) Thats why I suggest to fix the trophy system then implement those complicated and time consuming things , after that strong king can’t stay low and have to compete for higher ranks if they want better loot.Oh and daily gems reward sounds a bit too much even for top 10 players , weekly is better in my opinion.

If gems and gold is almost useless for top players then what else can you guys get for being top other than pride and honor ?

They already said before they can’t stop those players and they direction they want to go is to motivate players. Gold incentives would matter a whole lot seeing the cost and need for a lot of gold.

Maybe a good bracket system for gold incentivesz every bit of gold helps

If you know how much gems top players burn 100gems a day is nothing. It’s a well deserved bonus for them.


gold and gems are pretty much useless once you get into the top10 because you most likely have maxed every single tower and if ever you have any upgrades left, it will be the castle guard waves which take forever to level up.


being in the top10, you get gems everyday anywhere from 100 - 500 because of the lower ranked players scrolling and trying to beat your base.


So to answer your question, the only thing you get for being in the top 10 is pride, honor and the 50% medal bonus.

Top 10 players barely need anything but a fair trophy mechanism to be able to stay there :slight_smile:


Yes of course food per battle is very high to them but this issue affects also top 100 players and in general all players with a 80 or above lvl king. 


Kipps’ point on loot is very good to me, after all what keeps this game alive is aiming to become a top 20-30 player and stay there so having a better loot (as well as a fair food mechanism for everyone) is very important.

Oh my god, only top? who are the other people?..Nobody said you to spend gems to stay in the top, you don’t win no reward, belonging the medal boosts. You can win easily the League if you are in the top and maybe with all upgrade MAX.

But the daily gems I think it’s a great idea for all players.