Rant: Royal Revolt 2 Sucks at Description of Alliance War!

so I have seen this trend of people doing just 3 battles in Alliance War BECAUSE RR2 clearly says “Score of Top 3 battles are counted”. Now THIS is really confusing whereas in real it DOES count some skulls from all the battles you do. They need to change this description! What do they expect? Alliance leader to tell members every single time to use up all battles because those are counted too?!

Well it is true that only top 3 best raids count towards the overall score (plus small percentage of other raids’ skulls plus cof skulls) which in itself is kinda stupid. Why not add up all raids? It’d be simpler and clearer, without adding unnecessary gibberish.

I can’t say for those who do only 3 raids because I don’t know why they do it, but maybe they’re lazy or don’t have time or no one told them this. Or it’s part of the “game discouraging players” problem that they stop bothering.