Rate of raid targets appearing and connection with ascension level

Hi I have now played the game for exactly one week and reached ascension level 38.

In my experience the undefended islands did get captured alot more frequently when I was lower level. 

I am also wondering how the matchmaker works when you are at a high level and the game is still rather new so maybe there ain’t so many people at higher levels yet, what happens then? Will the islands gets captured at alot slower ratio than at lower levels? 


I’m not exactly sure how match making works either - there have been a couple threads but no developer/mod has given an answer. 

Nothing makes sense to me so far.

As level 38 I seen a 47  and others saying they have seen people 12 levels above them so maybe it aint ascension levels.

But then again it cant be trophies either… im almost 2100 now and I found a 1600 target appear on a island… Can we please get some official answer on this

Curious as well. Hardly any islands are occupied at my level. Any explanation on how this works will be helpful (meaning very few targets to hit).