rating for the defense



I just got an idea of having an in game rating for the strategy the hero use. I mean the path and towers and everything as a defensive rate 0-100 so while we are editing our strategies the game will tell us which one has a higher rating like the rating that is available in FIFA for the squad 



If I read that right, you want the game to rate your base defence and score it?


It kinda does that already when it matches players up. Who are you thinking will see this score? Just the owner, or everyone who attacks the base?


If it is just the base owner, then theres really not much point. You can tell how good your def is by how many players feed off of you XD If its everyone, thats no fun. They can already see your entire base layout, no point letting them see more than that.

Yea I mean the owner will see the score


but the enemy can’t see where are my towers located exactly and their combination but can only see the position of the tower without knowing what tower and what combination I am using 

that is very very difficult to program; i doubt it will happen. if you really want to know how good your defenses are, you should test it yourself and ask members of your alliance to test it for you.

…and about this issue we have already talked in a couple of topics…please, seek for those topics and go on there… :grinning: