Re-balance ASAP before everybody quits

I’ve seen so many people quitting since the update. 

Raiding will only get harder as our towers finish upgrading. 

You need to improve spells/troops for attack in the next FEW DAYS or more and more people will stop playing. 

They are not going to do anything now… I have seen many players leaving the game now and I am also one of them…

The whole game will soon be like a monastery if it continues like now. The only thing you can do there is play with yourself …

If it is too difficult use elite gear or scroll, noone forcing you to use skullgear


same as you don‘t raid in full gold gear…

Already in process, plenty much more quit, v.4.0 = game over RR2

If you want quit- do it, no need to make posts.

If wars are to hard for you = don’t play them.

No need to make posts.

Are you kidding? Please mention one of LBF to tell us how can he attack with all skull gears now ? ?? @cr1

Then they kicked him out of their alliance. ??? @Eyja

I can, but at test defense ?
FG seriously need to nerf offense more -or- buff defense more! Cause someone still can scroll free top-1 all maxed base… me! Stop me please! Kill us all! ?

I seriously think they need to buff offensive more or make it strong enough to be balance between offensive and defence @Play For Fun

Vl will never kick me)

even if i will not raid.

btw its same gems in wars as before for me.

but i dntblike to feel I MUST to scroll.

I make post cuz i want to hear the answer. Does they see problem or not.

of not- its their right.


As do others.



i didnt say inwill quit, i didnt say everyone quitting now and etc

i just need an aswer and i dnt need the forum helps to solve it)

im talking only about myself. Thats the difference.

i dnt care what the others feel or what they want.

i have my own problem and i want to fix it.


Neither did I. Why quote me?

Then why post in forum? Send them a private message or open a ticket. Easy.

You are only talking with yourself. Right, that is a difference.

me too. so it does not bother me what problems players have that need 20k gems per war. Learn to play! Adopt!

Then start! But please don’t bother us with them. Thanks!

I didnt bother you??who are you and why i need to know you and bbother you?))

His credit card learn for him cause he is a winner in life XD. But i don’t see the problem. He said in other thread that he gain 1000 usd per day. So whats the problem for him? If he wanna win he have to pay as always he done. Now he have to pay a little bit more, but he is so rich, 365k usd x year (not so rich infact), where is the problem for him?Wanna win cr1? So pay as you have ever done, whatever it is, not a problem for you if you’re not a lier. And don’t say you don’t want to be forced to use scrolls cause you’ve always been, to win.

no need to fight each other, here the real enmy is flare lol, with their wonderful changes lol, now scrolling in a war is must, and even sometimes isnt enough to scroll like crazy, like i said in a post this show us that flare didnt test anything, they just make an update to make money, if you like it or dont like it, flare dont even care about that. the only good thing that we had in update is the new manager , she answered question and she is very active manager. but thats it. i hope flare can change this soon ( im dreaming).

Keep dreaming bud HAHAHA I haven’t seen them do a thing for the loyal players in 4 years. lol     like this new problem with touch action on phones so good luck in wars where u can’t hit spells or troops or scrolls at same time or your king won’t move…convenient how that bug happens day b4 war…