RE : Cheating player Kadir Der GroBe

 A while a go I have reported a player using a cheat engine. In that time he was part of TURK GUKU now part of Burninator after he got booted out from TG when he did said to the TG Leader that he wont stop!!!.

    I have reported to Flare and did not get any response and I don’t think I will get one ever . Jack the administrator not bothered either…to bad Jona was so much different…

   Today  he attacked me again  ,of course he won 3 crowns .

   So my only response to Flare which doesn’t care about US, investing real money in this game is good luck with your game .

    Do I regret investing some good cash in this game? Not sure,but I do feel disrespected by some game developer which is not bother to communicate with hes clients when matters. Good luck everyone enjoy the game it was a pleasure to know you all.


Flare you guys really need to start banning cheaters and making examples.

this cheater banned but now he can get his account back? wow flare, great job! supporting turk cheaters (still more at large preying us)?! :v  

I think they are very few in flaregames society which follow rr2 game, they should at last take more operators so more people work on rr2 game more support here could be =/

If i am not wrong , even Burninator will remove him ASAP. Burninators are good guys who do not encourage cheaters anytime… I personally know that… Hope Cheaters be banned soon 

Hello guys,


If you suspect someone of cheating, please contact our support at http://feedback.flaregames.comand provide them with information.


They will then look into this issue, verify it and act upon it if necessary.


Please understand that we cannot handle such issues publicly on the forums due to security and privacy issues.