RE: Live Server Update - 02 August 2018


I actually agree with all these changes!  Great work @FTB, @Pete, and @PaSte!

And they did have a great explanation of their reasons here:


But most importantly, these changes were made to create more variation in the game!

Unfortunately, these changes ignore so many long long standing problems like: Have you guys literally forgotten there used to be a Gargoyle Troop in this game? 

You claimed that the Barricades and Blockades were under utilized so you fixed that.  What about the Gargoyles who are never utilized?

Next you tried to bring down Blunt Damage’s effect on Towers.  And it was over played!  But how did you not think to entirely remove the Blunt Weakness from the Basilisk “Tower”?  Again it’s not a freaking building!  It’s in fact the only thing in the Tower set that could logically be Weak to Poison (or Piercing not like the cinder block Heal Tower).

Good start, people, but come!

gargoyle gets new boost, how do you know it is not overpowered then with this new boost?!?

Unless it’s a permanently available boost (Elite Boost), I don’t consider it a solution.

That’s like saying once every 5th months the Arrow Tower is useful cause there’s the Eagle Tower boost!

Arrow Tower sorry, I missed that in my rant.  @FTB, @Pete, @PaSte, how are you guys not fixing the Arrow Tower?  That’s easy just make the Eagle Tower the Elite Boost and the Poison Tower the Seasonal Boost!


P.S. Yes, the Gargoyle Tower also needs fixing!